Monday 22 April 2013

YAWNING SONS - News Round Up And Thanks

Ceremony to the Sunset cover art

Now here is something I don't do much. Doing an article on a brilliant side project and to say Thank You to one of the members for sending me such an awesome package.

We all know who Yawning Sons are. If not then this bio should help you out.

"The band known as YAWNING SONS is the result of a unique collaboration between musicians from different sides of the Atlantic. In July 2008, Californian desert rock veteran Gary Arce (YAWNING MAN / TEN EAST / DARK TOOTH ENCOUNTER etc.) was flown out to the UK to produce an album with the Kent based instrumental riff-rock quartet, SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI.

Upon the first day of working in the studio, it was clear that something special was taking place. Within the space of a week Gary and the band would work together to write and record their own collaborative album. The resulting sound is like no other experienced before.

The following few months after recording, more additions were made to the recording: vocals from Scott Reeder (KYUSS /OBSESSED), Mario Lalli (FATSO JETSON / DESERT SESSIONS) and Wendy Rae Fowler (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE / MARK LANEGAN BAND / UNKLE).

The results are sublime. From the soaring vocals of Fowler on the opener, “Ghostship - Deadwater”, to the drone-laden vocals of Reeder on “Garden Sessions III”, which is almost like a blend of period ‘Floyd, through to the extended guitar workouts on the Lalli-helmed “Meadows”, right on through to the chiming guitars and metronomic drums on the closer, “Japanese Garden”,

 Ceremony To The Sunset will prove to be a revelation to fans of any and every of the artists involved, and will appeal greatly to lovers of Kraut / psych / desert-rock.

Yawning Sons is the hybrid of musicians, bands and concepts from opposite sides of the world. The resulting music blends the dark harmonic ambient sounds of Sons of Alpha Centauri along with the winding passages, progressive crescendos, jamming and twirling melodies of Yawning Man. This truly feels like the amalgamation of the two bands personalities and emotions."

Well Nick from Sons of Alpha Centauri and Yawning Sons sent me such an impressive package for me to check out. Mainly Yawning Sons brilliant 2009 debut album - Ceremony To The Sunset - which is just an understated masterpiece.

Plus the superb Vinyl Split Release between Yawning Sons and Waterways. 11 mins of pure Desert Rock bliss from two excellent bands.

Image of WaterWays/Sons of Alpha Centauri/Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Split (12" Vinyl) (2012)

And if that wasn't enough.Nick even sent me the download code for the wonderful 3 way split for 
WaterWays / Sons of Alpha Centauri / Hotel Wrecking City Traders which you can buy here.

I have been a fan of Sons of Alpha Centauri for a long time now. But I had forgotten how great Yawning Sons actually are in their own right. All of the releases that Nick sent me are fucking superb and some of the best examples of the Desert Rock/Stoner Rock scene I have heard.

Now with Desertfest coming up this weekend. People are in for a treat at The Underworld on Friday 26th April 2013 as Yawning Sons and Yawning Man will be performing separate sets along with Fatso Jetson. This will definitely be one of the highlights of this brilliant festival. So if you are going this year then you can't afford to miss this. Wish I was going myself.

Nick - Thanks for this brilliant package you sent me. Really appreciate it dude.

Everyone check these brilliant bands from the links below.

Yawning Sons


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