Sunday 14 April 2013

DETHSCALTAOR - Racial Golf Course No Bitches - Album Review

Dethscalator is a Sludge/Grind/Noise Rock Band from London, UK

Dethscalator are a crazy as fuck band whose music is very hard to describe. Here is their bio to tell you that little bit more about them.

"Slow, angry, psychedelic and gigantic - like a paisley glacier full of Stanley Knives, flowing over Brian Blessed’s foot -

Dethscalator move at their own pace. They formed in 2008 in Hackney, London, and have spent the last five years building up

to the release of their debut album Racial Golf Course No Bitches. (The band’s drummer Stu Bell said of the name: “What does it mean? I just had this image in my head of a sign you’d see on a golf course by a picket fence that would make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I think it came about because we found out you can buy 500 golf tees with Dethscalator printed on them for £30.”) And it may have become the Chinese Democracy of noise rock over the last half decade, but now that it’s here, we can safely reassure you that it was well worth the wait.

Road hardened and tightened the band have shrugged off their looser, sludge-blasted origins to reconnect with their American 80s post hardcore, pig fuck roots, with riffs n’ hooks worthy of Killdozer, Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Butthole Surfers and Fudge Tunnel but have mixed this up with giant slabs of monolithic doom, coruscating beams of white noise and whirling vortices of space rock.

However it is the deep, dub influenced production job; the way that layers and layers of feedback have been marshalled into a horrific orchestral wall of sonic horror and the brightly fizzing lysergic sheen to the whole shebang that will bestow a blessing on your ears. This is guaranteed to tweak your brain’s long dormant and atavistic proto-human god nodules and have you punching your walls like William Hurt as the multi-coloured amoeba man at the end of Altered States after he’s spent an afternoon in a floatation tank on Ayahuasca and seen a goat with 13 eyes nailed to a crucifix.

Howling drunkenly into the abyss has never been so much fun... and this time it comes with a free golf tee."

Their debut release - Racial Golf Course No Bitches - is the bastard offspring of a union that sounds like Unsane, The Melvins and Jesus Lizard. The 10 songs and 35 minutes are probably some of the most insane sludge rock riffs you will hear this there with plenty of Grind and Noise to fuck you up along the way.

Opening track - Black Percy - is a 1:50 minute assault on the senses with it's unflinching barrage of riffs and vocals coming at you like a twinned armed missile attack. But damn it's catchy as fuck. There is no denying that. Dethscalator know how to have fun.

Grotto Crank starts with a sonic beat before descending into pure chaos and it fucking rules. Distorted vocals mixed with terrorist like sounds will scare the hell out of you while your head-banging away. This is one fucked up golf course!!!!

 World War II Hitler Youth Dagger is up next and features more of the same insane Noise Rock/Sludge Metal grind based riffs. It has a real schizophrenic feel to it along with the rest of the album.

Felt Leg an Midnight Feast carry on the crazy experimental vibe of the album. Your either going to love this album or hate it with a passion which is what I think the band are going for. I think it's a great album as Dethscalator do pack some great riffs amongst all the carnage they have created.

Some fucked up titles as well such as Shit Village and It's What They Call The Clubhouse, Arsehole which both happen to be two of the best tracks on the album. It's cool to hear an album which is totally unconventional. There isn't a straight forward song on the album. Everything is chaotic and noisey as hell but it works in such a great way.

There are riffs all over the place for you to check out. It shouldn't work but it does. With each listen I began to appreciate the album more and more. I am grateful there are bands like Dethscalator around, to prove it's OK to be different and to have fun with it.

Racial Golf Course No Bitches is a blast from start to finish. It will gain the band some much needed exposure within the UK Sludge Metal scene. Miss this at your peril.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Racial Golf Course No Bitches from Riot Season on CD and Vinyl from April 29th.

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