Friday 26 April 2013


Pale Horseman cover art

Pale Horseman is a Sludge Metal Band from Chicago, USA

Pale Horseman is a brilliant Sludge Metal band whose debut album I have been listening to all week. I can't find much info about them such as who the band members are. They are a four piece band and their S/T debut album is fucking superb.

This 62 minute monster will have you rocking from start to finish. The band list their influences as GODFLESH, Warhorse, Isis, Bison, Hooded Menace, Obituary, Neurosis, Acid King, Sleep, The Melvins and Carcass.

So we are talking some serious legendary riff-masters there folks. Their debut album does have influences from those great bands but still a great style of their own.

First Track - Black River - will show you what to expect for the next crazy and insane hour of your life. Distorted vocals matched with brilliant Sludge Metal riffs to get you head-banging in no time at all. The 8:44 mins will leave you begging for more. Blending atmospheric riffs with hard-hitting vocals to match.

Believe me this album is an intense blast of brilliant and brutal heavy slabs of Sludge Metal carnage. Check out other brilliant tracks - Fork In The Road, Beasts Of The Earth and the amazing almost 16 minute epic Afterlife.

This album has some of the heaviest and finest riffs from a debut album I have heard this year. It's an action packed ride of intense riffage you will be checking out time and time again. Don't let the 62 minute running time put you off as you will be missing out on something special here.

It's a brilliantly produced and sounding album I can't recommend it highly enough. The album is available on Pay Now Download on BandCamp.

So what your waiting for. If you want a brilliant hard-hitting Sludge Metal album to rock the fuck out to then this is it.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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