Friday 26 April 2013

Morality Crisis - Boats - Album Review

Morality Crisis is a Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band from Minnesconsin. USA

The members are:


Morality Crisis are a self proclaimed Homegrown ShitRock from the Homeland type band blending Metal, Punk, Post-Hardcore and heavy slabs of Sludge.

Their debut album - Boats - is a 7 song and 30 minute blast of highly insane and violent as fuck riffs. This album was only made possible of their recent Kickstarter Project to release the album on vinyl. And this is the twisted and brilliant result.

Boats is a blast from start to finish. Blending gut-wrenching vocals and heart-pounding riffs that feels like your being hit with a hammer. Though these guys have a great sense of humour to match the insane carnage on show.

First track - Enormous Fucking Death Ass Knife - sets up the album brilliantly well. Yeah it's sick and twisted but all done in the best possible Sludge Metal tastes.

Lumberjane is a more straight forward track fusing Hardcore Punk with Death Metal style vocals and Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs that come out of nowhere. This track shouldn't work with the amount of different genres but it does. Morality Crisis know how to fuck up with your emotions and expectations.

You can tell the guys are having fun on this album. It's a huge blast from start to finish. Venturing into many genres as possible to showcase Morality Crisis have a great experimental vibe about them.

Other great tracks to check out are Naptaker which even ventures into Grind territory. Touched By An Adult - is a dangerous snarling beast like it's title. Expect more carnage from this insane trio. Yeah they include weird titles but you can't deny the huge pummeling brilliant riffs on show.

The most convention song is the 1:17 minute high energy track - Gary Plays With Fire. First Half Sludge/Grind and the 2nd half is Post-Hardcore insane style melodic rock. WTF - were Morality Crisis were doing writing this great track.

Then the band leave the two best tracks for last - Anxiety Rifle and Electric Friends which both have a slap-dash approach to the riffs. Some cool Post-Rock style vibes lurk amongst the carnage on Electric Friends.

Morality Crisis have delivered a weird and wonderful album that will surely see as one of the genres leading lights. Just I don't know which fucking genre they fit in and that is the beauty of this band.

Boats is an absolute must have!!!

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Check Out The Video for Enormous Fucking Death Ass Knife.