Tuesday 9 April 2013

WATERTANK - Sleepwalk - Review

Watertank is a Noise/Doom/Post-Hardcore/Stoner Metal band from France

The members are:

Bojan A. : Guitar
Vincent A. : Bass
Jocelyn L. : Drums
Julien G. : Guitar
Thomas B. : Vocals

Watertank is a band who has been around for a decade or so. They have appeared with the following bands - TORCHE, KYLESA, BARONESS, THE OCEAN, CAPRICORNS and LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR.  They released a couple of well-received EP’s. Now they are finally getting around to releasing their excellent debut album – Sleepwalk.

A 13-track opus that will appeal to fans of Torche, Foo Fighters and even some cool Noise Rock Bands. As Watertank take elements from various bands and genres but adding a cool hard-rocking vibe to the album.

Some tracks do follow the Torche style of riffage but it should not deter what a great hard-rocking album Sleepwalk actually is. Giant Heads and Pro Crook show these guys know how to write great riffs with superb sing-along choruses to match. You will be digging this album from the very first listen.

The riffs come thick and fast and they have a huge likeability about them that will have you rocking in no time at all. Watertank have quite a talent for blending riffs from different genres such as Noise, Doom, Post-Hardcore, Grunge, Stoner and Sludge. All the great genres we love on the blogspot.

Fear Over The City has a dark underlying vibe with a grunge-based riff to set the album on another course from the first few songs. Therefore, it is quite good that Watertank know how to match the lighter based riffs with more hard-edged dark content.

Some people might have a sense of deja-vu on some of the tracks and I did at first. However, the more times I listened to this that view has been replaced with that Watertank are a great band indeed. They know how to write a great rock song that will surely entertain the heck out of you. We always need bands like Watertank to show us to have a good time.

Sleepwalk has the right balance of anthemic rock tunes mixed with tracks that us metalheads can headbang/dance/singalong to. And that is why I rate this album very highly indeed. Sleepwalk is an album that has been 10 years in the making but it has been worth the wait indeed.

An awesome blast of high octane riffs that you will remain with you for a very long time indeed. Especially the brilliant last track – Six Days – that closes this superb album on an almighty high.

All in all Sleepwalk is an excellent album from start to finish. You want a new cool band to check out. Well start here. Let’s hope they don’t make us wait another 10 minutes for their next album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Solar Flare Records for sending me a copy to review. Buy the album from Solar Flare Records on Vinyl here.

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