Wednesday 10 April 2013

Complete Failure - The Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assault (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 15/2/2013
Label : Season of Mist
 The Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assault, album tracklisting
1. Mind Compf
2. Errant Social Mile Marker
3. The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault
4. Head Hanger to Be
5. Drag Migrator
6. Exitist
7. Defenseless Mechanisms of Self Inflicted Heartbreak
8. Disinvictus
9. Hero of the Church Herd
10. The Unlove Overhue
Grindcore antagonists COMPLETE FAILURE set loose their newest album "The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault". The band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania took three years to hone this weapon of sonic destruction. "The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault" is the band's tour de force, fusing ferocious speed and aggression with their violent, iconoclastic stance. When COMPLETE FAILURE first hit the stage at the White Eagle in Pittsburgh on April 14, 2007 they created a buzz that led to a first record deal late that year. Their debut full-length "Perversions of Guilt" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Austin – best known as frontman of TODAY IS THE DAY. After a US and European tour in 2008, sophomore album "Heal No Evil" (2009) was self recorded and self released in the best Punk DIY tradition, but sold out immediately and was soon re-issued by a label. For this release COMPLETE FAILURE started to work in their own studio, where now all their material is produced. The band's Punk and Hardcore roots are underlined by comparison with such bands as BLACK FLAG, HIS HERO IS GONE, MAN IS THE BASTARD and POISON IDEA. Yet also surprising classics have been quoted by critics including BLUE ÖYSTER CULT and URIAH HEEP, while others name EYEHATEGOD, MUSE and RADIOHEAD. Therefore it comes as no surprise that despite the brutal crushing power of "The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault", a musical and lyrical intelligence can be found that reveals COMPLETE FAILURE to be more than just another Grindcore act. For those who like PIG DESTROYER, BRUTAL TRUTH, MISERY INDEX, ROTTEN SOUND and NASUM this album is a sure bet, yet these Americans beg to differ. None shall escape their wrath
Line up
Joe Mack: vocals
James Curl: bass, guitars
Mike Rosswog: drums
Mark Bogacki: bass
Complete Failure are a grind band that hail from Pittsburgh PA, and their new album is the sinisterly monickered 'The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault'. Said album is a vicious slice of grind hostility that will bludgeon both the eardrums and any other senses you may have. Even any sixth ones. Bruce Willis couldn't handle this bitch.
Things commence with 'Mind Compf', and a nice thick bass line that will throw listeners off presumably the same way it did myself. The slow pace is quickly kicked in the junk and the grind, speed and power roars in at full pace. Longer than your average grind composition and more varied (no offence intended, grind fiends), this track quickly displays the level of talent of everybody involved. Lightning riffs are obviously par for the course along with vocals force fed on a steady diet of rage and purpose, but the drumming really shines through. These hybrid grind bands are really stepping up their game when it comes to the skins these days (see also: Call of the Void). They're truly all over the show here, insane rhythms that seem humanly impossible and must have been composed by pack of rabid apes on Speed. Full of brutality.
'Head Hanger to Be' is more traditional grind fare. Over before it's barely had time to begin it's no less impactful. 1:40 of just pure neck-snapping shred that'll slap you on the head so you're awake enough to get punched fully in the face. 'Drag Migrator' slows the pace right back down again immediately after and even goes as far to show elements of doom and sludge. It's a nice interlude and gives you a chance to catch a breath before the accelerator gets slammed through the floor again.
Both 'Defenseless Mechanisms of Self Inflicted Heartbreak' and 'Disinvictus' are a left and right hook combo knockout of grind and hardcore. The two genres are great bedfellows in terms of stylistics and approach, and both tracks blend into each other seamlessly. Hyper bass and dirty riffage, always with  more of that drumming (oh my, THAT double bass) that leaves your neck sore and gagging for more.
Album closer 'The Unlove Overhue' round things off without remorse or relent, a bit like the Terminator. If I was Linda Hamilton I wouldn't be running away from this beast though - I'd be embracing it. But hey, maybe Sarah Connor doesn't dig the heavy stuff. And this is VERY heavy, all death metal tones. The end of the track has such murderous double bass and droning riffs you'll never want it to end. Definitely the highlight for me, I couldn't get enough of it.
So, 'The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault' (damn that's a great LP title) is truly a killer, A Great White of an album, if you would, singularly grown and intended for one purpose: to seek and destroy. You're speakers won't be prepared for the onslaught. Be a sadist and subject them to it ASAP.
Words by : Matt Fitton
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