Friday 26 April 2013

TONER LOW - III - Album Review

Toner Low 'III' Artwork

Toner Low - III
Bilocation Records / Roadkill Rekordz


1. Six - 10:00
2. Seven - 14:00
3. Eight - 12:54
4. Nine - 17:47

Released - CD (Now) - Vinyl (Very Soon)

Band Members:

Jack - Drums
Daan - Guitars
Miranda - Bass


Psychedelic doom-band Toner Low from Holland have been around since 1998. Starting off as a more or less traditional stoner rock-outfit, over the years they evolved into the heaviest band of the lowlands. Toner Low released two full-length albums so far, their untitled debut (2005/2006) and II (2008). 

The past years the band did gigs from Oslo to Zagreb and played at festivals such as Roadburn 2006 (Hol), Swamp Room Happening 2007 (De), Sauzipf Rocks 2007 (At), Stoned From The Underground 2008 (De), Doom Over Bielefeld 2009 (De), Stoned Hand Of Doom 2010 (It) and Doom Over Berlin 2011 (De). Toner Low has done gigs with a.o. Electric Wizard, Acid King, Boris, Colour Haze, SUMA, Pombagira, Monarch!, Rose Kemp, Conan, Astrosoniq, Heavy Lord and Orange Sunshine.


Well folks 5 years have passed since their last album - II - Toner Low are back with their brilliantly titled follow up - III - which takes off from their last great album. Though their are some subtle differences. The riffs are heavier, louder, dirtier, faster and slower all at the same time.

This is Toner Low stripped at their most raw and most primal. SIX gets down to business right away with the band playing down-tempo Doom/Stoner Metal epic riffs that you will need your wits about you. Vocals are kept to a minimum here. The vocals feel like a lone voice in your head telling you to worship the power of the almighty Toner Low riff. This is one epic head-fuck you don't want to end. You can hear every note coming towards you at almighty frightening pace.

The opening 10 mins is just a brief glimpse in what is in store for you for the next 45 mins or so.

SEVEN opens up with a powerful bass line and then the drums and guitars kick in to take you on another out of body experience you can only dream about. This album has a scary addictive quality to it and SEVEN just adds to that vibe. You experience a feeling that time has stopped and you begin to question what is real and why we are here. Have I gone insane. Possibly. But this is the feeling you will expect when listening to the track. Wait till the crazy ambient sounds hit you like a fucking sledgehammer round the 11 minute mark. It feels like the worst come down from a bad acid trip. So Toner Low do add some darker moments to the euphoric based Doom/Stoner Metal riffs.

EIGHT is probably the most straight forward of the tracks. This is where the band play a more conventional style of Doom/Stoner Metal riff. Everything is still played down-tempo but noises and effects are kept to a minimum. It's just the band playing on extended jam session. But still with a great psychedelic edge. This is one epic hazy ride to fuck with your senses.

The band have saved the best and most dangerous track for last. NINE is an epic beast that takes you on another almighty spiritual high. It's a slow-burning masterpiece that throws riff after riff at you to test if your still in the land of Toner Low or back safely in reality. I hope for your sake it's reality. As this track should come with a Government Health Warning of some kind. It's a seriously fucked up psychedelic trip of weird noises and riffs to freak you out.

NINE ends the album on an almighty high. (sorry for bad pun folks). But this album is incredible. I haven't heard something this expansive or psychedelic since Sleep's legendary - Dopesmoker. If you love that album then you going to love this one.

III is powered by the almighty weed. It's riffs and sounds are equally addictive and powerful as the legendary drug itself. With III you don't need to take any substances to enjoy the dark epic journey that Toner Low will take you on.

III is Toner Low's definitive masterpiece. This album is going to be considered a landmark release in the years to come. If not then their is no justice in the world. 

Brilliant. Amazing. End Of.

You can buy III from Bilocation Records / Roadkill Rekordz now or from here.

Thanks to Jack Sunn and Toner Low for sending me a copy to review. Much appreciated.

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