Monday 22 April 2013

Interview with Planet Of Zeus

Today on Sludgelord it is my pleasure to be interviewing one of Greece's best Stoner Rock Bands. The brilliant – Planet of Zeus - who have been making a name for themselves the last few years or so with their blend of Southern Metal/Stoner Metal rocking riffs.

They have released two superb albums so far. Their last release – 2011's – Macho Libre – received some cool praise from the Stoner Metal community.

They are about to embark on major European Tour. I decided to catch up with them before they head out on tour. And they have kindly agreed to do an interview with me. So lets get started with the brilliant – Planet Of Zeus

Q1 – Hi guys, Thanks for doing this. How are things with you guys Today.

Hi there. We are just one day before setting off to Berlin, where “Tonight We Hit the Road” tour 2013 kicks off. So, packing and trying not to forget something is the thing for today.

Q2 – For people not in the know, can you give them a brief bio on how the band came about. 

Planet of Zeus are a Heavy Rock band from Athens, Greece and were formed back in 2000. Since then, they have released two full –length albums, “Eleven the Hard Way” (2008, Casket Music/ Copro Records (UK)) and “Macho Libre”, in May 2011, through B-Otherside Records(GR). 2007 is a milestone year for the band as Planet of Zeus became a quartet, having Syke behing the drum set and Yog (‘till then the drummer) filled in the second guitar slot.

Q3 – Which bands and artists influence you directly as musicians.

That’s probably one of the most difficult questions that someone can make to us.
The music backgrounds of each member of the band differ so much that can start from Muddy Waters and stop to Alex Webster. Still, we share the same amount of love and respect for the all-time classic rock bands

Q4 – Your about to head out on a major European Tour. You guys looking forward to that.

This European tour is an outcome of about 9-month effort. We worked really hard on this one, so we are looking forward to be on the road again.

Q5 – Your re-releasing your superb debut album – Eleven The Hard Way – on vinyl. How did that came about. Love that album. How I first noticed you guys.

Last year we had released our second album” Macho Libre” on a vinyl format and the feeling of having your music(plus artwork) on that format is priceless. So, I guess that we wanted to have the same feeling for our first album, as well.

Q6 – You have received some great press from the Stoner Metal community over the last few years or so. Has that been a big help in getting your music across to a bigger audience. 

Indeed. Our albums have received reviews beyond expectation through the years both from local and foreign press as well as from several blogs around the world that are more targeted to our sound.

Q7 – Are you guys full time musicians or do you all have regular jobs to pay the bills. 

Some of us work as sessions musicians to other projects and the others have day or night jobs to earn their living.

Q8 – What is the song-writing process in the band. Is it a group collective or is it down to one individual

There isn’t any particular pattern as far as song-composition is concerned. There are songs that have been entirely composed by one person, while others come out as a result of the 4 of us jamming.

Q9 – What are your views of blogs featuring and reviewing your records, as opposed to mainstream music magazines?

Blogs around the world have been really supportive through out the years and is one of the reasons behind people getting to listen to our music, especially people that are not Greeks.

On the other side, having a review or an interview or live report on a mainstream music magazine is always considered to be a boost for the band’s moral and publicity as well. But who buys magazines nowadays?

Q10 – Greece has some excellent Stoner Rock bands at the moment (Bands like yourselves, 1000mods, Tuber, Nightstalker and Dala Sun) who seem to be getting more recognition abroad. Is it hard performing your style of music to Greek audiences. Do you have to rely more on International Audiences to buy your merchandise.

The mentality of the audience has changed during the last five years for sure.
More people attend gigs, more people buy merch, more and more people become more passionate for this thing called “Greek Heavy Rock/Stoner” Scene.

Q11 - What were your original intentions when you started the band and have they been met yet.

The original intention was three (later four) friends playing music and having a good time doing so. This one has been met throughout the last 13 years that the band exists.

Q12 – What are your views record companies shutting down blogs and websites due to illegal downloading. Some people are for it and some people are against it.

Record companies have lost a significant amount of money due to illegal downloading but have also gained huge loads of money by selling records before Internet come to surface. So, you can’t always win and you can’t stop progress. Don’t know about websites but blogs have been really decent as they allow downloading but encourage people going to a band’s gig and buy some merch as well.

Q13 – What are the most and least rewarding aspects of participating with the band. Obviously the reality of how expensive it is being in a band could be considered as a negative aspect.

Having a great time doing something so creative as playing music and being in a band, meeting people, travelling to promote your music are so rewarding that the obvious reality of how expensive is to be in a band is almost insignificant.

Q14 – Do you have any future plans for the upcoming 12 months or so. Anything we should be excited about.

We have already started the recording process for our third full-length album. When we are back from tour we are going to complete it. There is a show in Athens with the mighty Clutch on the 27th of June and probably some summer festivals abroad as well.

Q15 – If you could provide any advice to people wanting to start a band, what would it be.

Do it slow, firm, steady and respectfully and don’t hurry up.

Q16 - Finally, Do you have anything to say your fans

Thank so much for your support. We really appreciate this!

Well guys thanks for doing this. Best of luck with the tour. Hope it goes well and you sell all your Vinyl's and CD's. Hope to hear many more great releases of your excellent band.

All the best. Steve.

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