Thursday 4 April 2013

Buckshot Facelift - Elder's Rasp (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 1/2/2013
Label : Self Released
Elder's Rasp, album tracklisting :
1. Elder’s Rasp
2. Lambs Pee Blood
3. Fergus the Engorger
4. Boi Boi
5. Monday Morning Scumbag
6. Skull Drum Urinal
7. Across Dead Oceans
8. 522 Rest
9. Salt Milk
10. Touch the Monolith
11. Giving Acid to a Gorilla Who Knows Sign Language 2012
12. Carolyst
13. Vulture Mistress
14. Pimple Cheese
15. What Would Lee Do?
16. Unforgiving Seas of Quetzalcoatl
Sworn to come back harder and more hateful than ever in 2013, and already proving it, Huntington, Long Island grindcore faction BUCKSHOT FACELIFT have delivered their latest auditory assault on the scum of the Earth with their self-released Elder’s Rasp LP.

Since 2004 these henchmen have infiltrated the underground with an abortive and explosive death/grind//hardcore hybrid, ripping through D.I.Y. venues throughout the Long Island and NYC region. Following a demo in 2005 demo, BUCKSHOT FACELIFT -- vocalist William Smith (Artificial Brain, ex-Biolich), guitarist Dan Baranello, bassist Tom Anderer (Thirsty) and drummer Sal Gregory (Grey Skies Fallen) -- released their debut LPUniversal Goat Tilt with local label Burn it Down/Rebuild Records. The label subsequently folded, so in 2009 the band went back to their D.I.Y. basics and self-released their follow-up LP Anchors of the Armless Gods on limited, etched vinyl.

In 2012, BUCKSHOT FACELIFT hit the studio to create their third album, in the process revamping the longtime lineup and replacing guitarist Dan Baranello with Paulo Paguntalan of NYC death/gore outfit Copremesis. The results of these torturous, booze-soaked sessions would see the band diversifying their range with more discordant metallic hardcore/doom-influenced riffage, culminating their most putrid output yet, as the sixteen-track Elder's Rasp. Directly after recording, Paulo left to pursue other projects, the band then doubling their axe attack and inducting Rick Habeeb (Grey Skies Fallen) and Terrel Granum.

Elder’s Raspis out now directly through BUCKSHOT FACELIFT, produced, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Keith Moore at Audio Playground in Ronkonkoma, Long Island. The band pressed this beast on 11” vinyl in a vast array of color/splatter schemes, all hand-numbered, limited to 300 copies, as well as digital download.
Line up:
Beardbacked Vomit Raider - Voices
Take the Plane to Work - 4 string fancy free
Fergus, the Engorger - Headbutt
The Rookie - 6 string abstract needlepoint quilt
Zerb, the Befouler - 6 string heavy metal thunder harmonic swirl
With a name like Buckshot Facelift you're never gonna get songs about romance, are you? You thought you were? Jog on, loser.

Buckshot Facelift are a batshit crazy grind / metal / punk band from Huntington NY. Their new album is called 'Elder's Rasp' and it makes zero sense whatsoever. But it melts the face so I instantly think it should be applauded. For services to face melting.
'Lambs Pee Blood' is not only pretty sick in as much as the image it conjures up in the mind, but it's also pretty sick from an audio perspective. All instantaneous black metal drumming (after a creepy dialogue sample), it immediately swerves into grind territory and then a groove laden, almost doom feel brings up the rear. It's insane and packs an industrial container of wallop for your respective currency.
'Monday Morning Scumbag' has squealing highs and guttural lows for vocal punishment, and the riffs contained within are very math-based - imagine 'Calculating Infinity' era Dillinger, or the mighty Botch. Insane patterns that are off the reservation and some really progressive drumming make for some sweet twisted ear candy.
With 16 tracks in total included upon this release you get a lot of variation. This band obviously has a lot of influences and they cram a lot of sounds into their music. It never sounds sloppy, forced or over-zealous though because it's all performed so well.
'Salt Milk' is one of the fastest tracks up for grabs here, and it vaults along at breakneck speed. It's a real pit-starter and will probably get the band barred from a few venues when it gets performed live. 'Touch the Monolith' is, for the main part, a stark contrast to this. It features a straight death metal feel to begin with, but this quickly subsides into a slow burning doom and sludge piece. The riffs are cavernous and huge, and completely lethargic. One of the few chances to bang your head on the entire album without ending up with permanent spinal damage.
Throughout it's duration 'Elder's Rasp' is a complete melting pot of styles and genres within genres. There is so much going on that it would be nigh on impossible to cover everything here, but needless to say it all comes together to make a pretty impressive package. Fans of experimental and boundary pushing instrumentation will lap this up, and rightly so. There is literally something for every lover of the heavy as hell here, whatever pace you may favour. Buckshot Facelift are a unique entity, and one that should be celebrated. Pick this racket up quickly.
Words by : Matt Fitton
As always show your support to the band. You can buy the record here. Thanks to the Ear Split for the promo to review.