Wednesday 3 April 2013

Diesel King - The Grey Man EP (Band to Check Out)

Diesel King is a Sludge/Doom act from the UK inspired by Powerballads and burritos.

Their line-up consists of:

Mark O'Regan - Vocals
Geoff Foden - Guitar
Aled Marc - Guitar
Will Wichanski - Bass
Bill Jacobs - Drums


1. Battered Hag - 6:31
2. The Grey Man - 6:46
3. I'm Gonna Take You To The Bank Senator Trent... To The Bloodbank - 2:01
4. Immurement - 6:14
5. Bind Torture Kill - 9:38


Formed in late 2010, the band have quickly made an impact on the burgeoning UK sludge/stoner/doom scene. Along the way highlights have included playing the inaugural Desertfest, supporting Corrosion of Conformity, Grand Magus and Karma To Burn, and being asked to contribute to the Metal Hammer "Sons of Sabbath" compilation. So far 2013 has seen a new CD and a slot at the UK's Bloodstock festival.

Summary of recent and past works: 

Diesel King are a band of up and coming sludgers out of the UK, where it is almost impossible to keep up with the great acts emerging from there. I caught wind of them in early 2012 with the release of their first EP 'The Ancient and the Nameless', which can be previewed below as well.

They have recently released their second EP 'The Grey Man', equally sick as all fuck, possibly more-so than their first! Mark is a complete psycho on vocals and the instrumentation is superb groove and filth that never disappoints. I am highly impressed by their sound, having that southern tinge we all know and love. Remember, they have only been wrecking mullets for a little over two years by now and I can't get enough.. simple as that!

Some other bands of similar nature from their stomping grounds include: Wizard's Beard, GURT, Jacknife Holiday, Burden of the Noose, and Iron Witch. Diesel King are also willing to turn gay for those last two outfits, sharing the stage with them quite often.

I play this band religiously on our station Core of Destruction Radio and really hope more people into this style of sludge catch on. Below, you can find their music on Bandcamp or hit them up on Facebook. A proper review will likely follow this post in the near future, but for now, this is the band to check out until then!

Upcoming gigs:

April 18th - Camden Unicorn London with Burden of the Noose and Iron Witch
April 19th - Scruffy Murphys Birmingham with Burden of the Noose and Iron Witch
April 20th - Gullivers Manchester with Burden of the Noose and Iron witch

"I base my image on George Michael and Elton John, but slightly more gay... tiny dicks and massive riffs."  -Mark

"When I listen to our shit I wanna slamdunk babies through a sharp fence."  -  Geoff

 "Music to get a blumpkin to"   -  Blumpkin Bill

"We love powerballads, especially shit like Pat Benetar and Cher, that shit is both magical and inspirational."   - Diesel King

The Grey Man (2013)

The Ancient and the Nameless (2012)