Friday 26 April 2013

We Can Breathe In Space - Dreamless

Dreamless cover art

We Can Breathe In Space is an Instrumental Post-Rock band from UK

We Can Breathe In Space is the solo project of James Crozier. James used to be part of Sludgelord Review Team and who will be re-joining the team soon.

But he is a brilliant musician in his own right. His main solo project is the superb - We Can Breathe In Space - who we have featured before.

Well James aka We Can Breathe In Space are back with with their stunning new EP - Dreamless.

A soothing and uplifting 2 track and 9 minute blast of great Post-Rock riffs. It features James in a more sombre mood at times. But still with a sense of euphoria lurking near the end of the tracks.

Dreamless is a great EP for you to check out. So headover to BandCamp now and download it now. As it's available on Buy Now Download. Check out his previous EP - Further Into Regress as well.

FFO - Mono and Red Sparowes,  Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Artist from the links below.