Saturday 13 September 2014

GLOSON - Yearwalker EP (Review)

Yearwalker cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 11th September 2014
Label: Self Released

'Yearwalker' DD track listing:

1.Årsgång 08:31
2.Sirens 06:20
3.The End/Aftermath 09:48
4.The Aftermath/Beginning 07:32


Anders - Guitars & vocals
Christian - Guitars & vocals
Kristoffer - Bass
Mikael - Guitars


Gloson is a self-proclaimed Boar Sludge/Doom/Progressive Metal Band. Well I can tell you one thing, Gloson's debut EP 'Yearwalker' is a fucking huge beast of brutal riffs. With these guys being from Sweden, you know they are going to sound HUGE.

Gloson do take influence from the usual heavy hitters of Sludge/Post-Metal but they manage to create their own sound which is packed full of menace and brutal energy which is very hard to ignore. Opening track 'Årsgång' is brooding and vicious affair that combines Sludge, Post Metal riffs with blistering Death-Metal based vocals and growls. Gloson are uncompromising throughout this track, showing the world they mean business. With an ISIS/Neurosis style sound though with a more bleaker outlook on life.

Second Track 'Sirens' starts with a chilling ambient based drum and bass line slowly adding tension to the atmosphere before the violent loud guitars turns the mood onto its head. This is where the EP turns into a more Doom and Gloom affair with the vocals once again adding more menace to proceedings. Gloson lay down some impressive Sludge Metal riffs to destroy the atmosphere. Gloson add a brooding sense of urgency here especially with the more progressive metal riffs that appear towards the end of the song. Definitely one of the EP's standout tracks where Gloson finally come into their own existence.

The 2nd half of the EP is even stronger than the first half as Gloson bring some of the strongest and heaviest riffs to the very end. I don't want to spoil anymore as I think you should check out this awesome EP for yourself. If you're a fan of ISIS, Neurosis and Cult Of Luna then you need to check this great band out now. They will blow your fucking world wide open with their stunning array of riffs to immerse you with.

'Yearwalker' is an excellent EP from Gloson. Lets see what these guys can do on a proper full length record as these guys have my attention.

Yearwalker is available to Buy/Download now on BandCamp Buy Now.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe