Saturday 13 September 2014

Fever Dog - Second Wind (Album Review)

Second Wind cover art

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: August 30th 2014
Label: Self Released

'Second Wind' CD/DD track listing:

1.Obelisk 00:52
2.Second Wind 03:07
3.The Back of Beyond 03:00
4.The Great Tree 06:01
5.Iroquois 02:10
6.One Thousand Centuries 05:33
7.Rukma Vimana 03:00
8.Hats Off to Andrew Bowen 09:18
9.Lady Snowblood/Child of the Netherworlds 09:09
10.Nexus 05:33


Formed in 2006, Fever Dog began as three 6th graders in a garage as "Snot Rocket". By the fall of 2008 they had recorded and released the first self-titled six song E.P. In 2009 the first Snot Rocket full length album "Red Alert" was released with 10 songs and two videos. The Fall of 2010 saw the release of "Super Chevy", featuring ten tracks of pure rock and roll, and in the spring of 2012 they changed their name to "Fever Dog" and recorded their first album "Volume one" Released November 10th 2012.

August 30th 2014 they released their second full length album "Second Wind" (Part two of a trilogy) featuring singles "Iroquois" "Lady Snowblood" and "The Great Tree" , plus 7 more brand new original tracks, and a 22 page comic book (Coming soon) Illustrated by Danny Graham and Written by Jason Graham


Danny Graham (Golden Dove) - Guitar/Vocals/Theremin
Nathan Wood (Thunder Child) - Bass/Sound Generators
Joshua Adams (Blue Diamond) - Percussion/Organs/Back-up Vocals


Fever Dog are an intriguing band in the realm of Psychedelic Rock as they mix Progressive Rock, Desert Rock and Stoner Rock for one trippy fucked up sound that will expand your mind. Their new album 'Second Wind' is a trippy hallucinogenic tale where nothing is as it seems. The Desert is a very dangerous place to be and Fever Dog are your spiritual guide throughout this harsh and desolate realm.

The tale is told through Fever Dog's delicious and hard-hitting riffs as they cast a magical world weary tale with a slight hint of Americana thrown in for good measure.

OK, time to get serious. This album is a blast from start to finish as Fever Dog play their way through a stunning set of tunes that will expand your soul, body and mind with noises and sounds that will soon have you under Fever Dog's spell. Hints of 60s/70s Psychedelic Hard Rock play with your emotions while your rocking out to the great riffs on show. Tracks such as 'The Back Of Beyond', 'The Great Tree' and 'One Thousand Centuries' show that Fever Dog are not afraid to experiment with the Stoner Rock sound which they do quite frequently. So don't go expecting an easy ride on this album as Fever Dog thrive on playing with your fears and emotions. It gives 'Second Wind' an uncompromising feel which is both challenging and hugely entertaining at the same time.

Though the albums two stand-out tracks has to be the two 9 minute epics that Fever Dog have in store for you towards the end of the album 'Hats Off to Andrew Bowen' and 'Lady Snowblood/Child of the Netherworlds' are psychedelic rock masterpieces as Fever Dog pour their hearts and souls into these two songs. You can hear the pain the guys go through in playing those heavy epic riffs for your pleasure and amusement. Things get very loud indeed as Fever Dog feel they are playing a gig in the Mojave Desert as it's very atmospheric indeed.

Maybe Fever Dog channel to much Jim Morrison karma and energy on this album but you can't deny how trippy and powerful that 'Second Wind' actually is. It's a fantastic album from one of Psych Stoner Rock brightest hopes. My advice? Light up a Bong and Open your mind to Fever Dog's twisted and haunting vision of 'Second Wind'. You're in for one wild and dangerous ride.

Thanks to Fever Dog for sending me a promo to review. Second Wind is available to buy from BandCamp now.

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Written by Steve Howe