Saturday 27 September 2014

GODMAKER - S/T (Album Review)

Megalith cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 11th November 2014
Label: Aqualamb Records/Dullest Records

Godmaker – S/'T – track listing:

Shallow Points
Desk Murder
Faded Glory


Tom Petty was not fucking around.

Andrew Archey and Jon Lane have been incubating this project for so long that hip-hop and teenage idiots with keyboards and smartphones hadn't yet ruined the word 'swagger,' when they began it. Pete Ross, already playing out with Cleanteeth, was exactly the riff-maker and the voice they needed.... The last piece of the puzzle wasn't as easy. Most of a year later, and many guitarists in, a random conversation with an old friend, and a quick exchange of songs brought Chris Strait, Jon's former bandmate in Kansan hardcore outfit The Last Tyrant, across the country to round out the band.

Godmaker hatched in the Spring of 2013, with all the pent up energy of a truant Mayan apocalypse. The mission, such that it should be equated with 'other' things: to take the grit and grime and fearlessness of a band like Mastodon, the dynamics and complexities and arrangements of a band like Tool, the bearded swagger of a band like Red Fang, the forlorn sparseness of Pallbearer or Cult of Luna, and occasionally the unavoidably goofy head-bob inducing swing of a band like Clutch, and create one expansive, comprehensive (and yes, very loud) whole.

Where that leads, let alone ends up, they don't even know, or probably care to....

But they do know that with something like 50 years of gigging, writing and recording experience between them, *this* is the music they've been waiting, wanting to make. *This* is where to go for broke. *This* is fulfillment.

No bullshit. No boundaries. All in.

Godmaker's self-titled debut LP arrives via Aqualamb and Dullest records on 11/11/2014.


Pete Ross - Guitar/Vox/Lead Beard
Chris Strait - Guitar/Vox/Half-Beard
Andrew Archey - Bass/Gingerbeard
Jon Lane - Drums/Commentary/Beard


Let's not fuck around here folks. Godmaker's S/T debut album is a stunning album packed full of awesome riffs. Let me just cut to the chase and say – Godmaker – is heavy, loud and angry as hell. If you're a fan of Red Fang, Kyuss and Mastodon then prepare to meet Godmaker as they will impress you in a big way.

Godmaker is only on for a brisk 32 minutes but it packs an almighty punch from these self-proclaimed followers of the mighty BEARD(S). First track – Megalith – has an heavy as hell infectious sludge rock groove that will have you rocking out in no time at all. Godmaker's style of Sludge, Doom and Stoner Metal sees the band unleash an unrelenting assault with passionate vocals to match. The vocals are more of the clean based without a death growl in sight though Pete's vocals are still very dangerous to listen to.

Second track – Shallow Points – is a heavier affair compared to Megalith as Pete and Chris combine their vocal talents for one heavy pounding exercise of mass and volume. The vocals are almost heavier than the riffs themselves as the band bring the heaviness to the party. The Sludge Metal riffs are the main driving force here as the band merge frenzied fast-paced riffs against the slower and calmer bass heavy side of their music. Though it's only time before Godmaker turn into dangerous wrecking machines once again. My advice – Embrace the riff or get the fuck out of here as there is no turning back with Godmaker.

Third track – Desk Murder – carries on the frenzied attack from the previous track with a great sideline of twin guitar worship before the heavy pounding drums and vocals make you feel unsettled once more. Desk Murder has a slight Red Fang/Mastodon style feel which is no bad thing as it's one of the albums stand-out tracks. Godmaker start fusing Progressive style Stoner/Sludge Metal with hints of epic Post-Metal riffs starting to creep in. Desk Murder is an emotionally charged track that will stay with you for a very long time indeed.

The last track is the almost 12 minute epic – Faded Glory. This is where Godmaker come into their own existence as a powerful and hard-hitting band as they unleash too many great riffs to mention. It's an epic ride that will have you on the edge of your seat. Faded Glory is a powerful and emotionally charged track that ends the album on a high.

Godmaker is an outstanding debut album from Godmaker. Lets see what Godmaker can do with album No 2.

Thanks to Johnathan and Eric at Aqualamb Records for sending a promo. Godmaker will be released on November 11, 2014 on Aqualamb and will be available digitally, as well as part of a new 100-page book format, featuring the artwork of Joseph Silver and Stephen Wilson. A special, limited edition cassette tape will also be available through Dullest Records.

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Written by Steve Howe