Saturday 20 September 2014

Brain Pyramid - Chasma Hideout (Album Review)

Chasma Hideout cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 01st October 2014
Label: Acid Cosmonaut Records

Chasma Hideout - track listing:

Living In The Outer Space
Landing On The Pyramid
Twin Headed Giant
Into The Lightspeed
Chasma Hideout


Blending Heavy Psych tripping waves and Stoner power, explosion of fuzz, delay and wha wha solo support by a heavy and powerfull rythm section, Brain Pyramid is here to kick your mind on it's space ride !


Gaston Lainé - Guitar/Vocals
Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo - Drums
Ronan Grall - Bass


French Stoner Psych Space Rockers – Brain Pyramid – finally unleash their debut album – Chasma Hideout through ace Italian Record Label – Acid Cosmonaut Records.

So what does Chasma Hideout have in store for you. Well it's a very strange affair as Brain Pyramid's style of Space/Stoner Rock has a very experimental feel to it. It doesn't play by the rules as the band create a lot of different noises and effects to stand out from the crowd. Opening track – Living In The Outer Space – is a frenzied fast-paced affair which blends Space Rock and Stoner Rock for highly impressive results. The Psychedelic Fuzz is another great reason to check out the band as the album has a lot of feedback running through it's 46 minute time.

Psychedelic is the main order of business here as Brain Pyramid take influences from a whole range of Stoner/Psych/Space Rock bands from the last 40 years or so. The album will have something for everyone to rock out to. The vocals take a while getting used to but that's only a minor complaint for an album as good as this. Other great tracks to check out are Landing On The Pyramid, Lucifer and the brilliant 11:38 minute epic – Chasma Hideout – which is one damn fine acid-tripping psychedelic fuzz master-class which oozes class.

The whole album is one massive jam-based exercise in noise and volume and when Brain Pyramid unleash the noise they become a more frightening prospect in the realm of Stoner/Psych Rock. Brain Pyramid add elements of 60s/70s based Psychedelic sounds and noises which gives this album an adventurous and exciting feel to it. As I stated before the album is very experimental so don't go expecting a straight forward sounding record as Brain Pyramid will test some listeners patience to the limit. Trust me when I say that is a very good thing indeed. It shows a band who are not afraid to challenge people's perceptions about Stoner Rock music in general.

Chasma Hideout is an excellent debut album from Brain Pyramid. These guys are going to be something special in the years to come if they keep releasing great albums such as this.

Thanks to Acid Cosmonaut Records for sending me a promo to review. Chasma Hideout will be available to buy from October 1st on Acid Cosmonaut Records 

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Written by Steve Howe