Friday 12 September 2014

Canopy - E P 2 0 1 4 (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 9/6/14
Label: Self-Released / Bandcamp

 “E P 2014” DD track listing:

1). A Passage (08:16)
2). The Stoning (04:28)
3). Interstellar Ark (05:13)
4). Scratch and Claw (07:13)


We play a weird hybrid of various sludge/stoner/doom-like styles. Bands we would be similar to are Rwake, Neurosis, Weedeater, and Pelican (because we're instrumental)


Conan-level fuzztortion drizzled onto a heavy riff-salad of epic fiber inducing sludge awaits as we dive under Canopy's new EP. The opener begins with some heavy as shit riffing into a trippy Ufomammut-esque feedback into a surprisingly un-heavy and restrained middle section with some really nice open guitar work. The brief lowering of epic distortion levels is a very nice touch as the song progresses it really breaks up the feel and ups the trippyness of the track. The drummer has some really nice fills throughout the middle section simple, yet very tastefully done. “A Passage” boasts a really cool memorable bluesy solo that bleeds feeling over some pretty awesome rhythm section play.

“The Stoning” dives right into deep riffs and has some really well done fuzz wah bass tones particularly at the beginning. The outro riff feels a touch too brief but awesome and I bet “The Stoning” rips live. Bluesy delay leads set “Interstellar Ark” off on a voyage into your mind and beyond. A nicely written and very cool track, Canopy does a fantastic job here using layers and repetition to send you right out to space for the beginning section that channels some heavy Floyd feel. The later sections of the song really remind me of that band Egypt's EP that was on the label.

“Scratch and Claw” starts with a drug referenced sample into another nice atmospheric section. A pretty fucking sweet but way too short solo/lead moves into the vamp for the heavy section. This song boasts what is probably the best riff on the EP moving out of the beginning section. With a freaked out stomping middle section of hanging riffs “Scratch and Claw” is a monolith of massive that needs to be heard.

A short but very solid EP, Canopy seems to excel particularly when they are psyching out and integrating atmosphere into their riffs. I would like to see these guys continue to freak out a touch more often as when they are getting trippy, which admittedly they do about half the time, they sound completely different then almost anyone I've ever heard.

Words By: Chris Tedor

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