Tuesday 2 September 2014

Cannabis Corpse - From Wisdom To Baked (Album Review)

From Wisdom To Baked cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released:23rd June 2014
Label: Season Of Mist Records

From Wisdom To Baked - track listing:

1.Baptized in Bud 03:08
2.Zero Weed Tolerance 02:53
3.Weedless Ones 03:29
4.Individual Pot Patterns 03:03
5.Pull the Carb 03:22
6.Considered Dank 03:11
7.Voice of the Bowl 03:06
8.THC Crystal Mountain 04:06
9.With Their Hash He Will Create 03:00
10.From Wisdom to Baked 03:40
11.Medicinal Healing 03:55


Cannabis Corpse was founded by Landphil and Hallhammer in the summer of 2006. The band was a heart felt tribute to smoking pot and the most brutal band in the universe CANNIBAL CORPSE! The original demo “Blunted at Birth” was recorded in the kitchen of a shit hole apt. in “Oregon Hill” a small neighborhood in Richmond VA.




How can you not love Cannabis Corpse? For a band that mashes together the twin loves of the Florida death metal scene and that fine illicit herb (of which a great many of us know nothing at all about, officer…) LandPhil and HallHammer, for all their giggling tongue-in-cheek references to weed, have created some simply stellar death metal tracks, and their fun-loving attitude has meant that they haven’t taken the genre and the mythos of death metal too seriously. The Cannabis Corpse back catalogue is a testament to making fun, brutal music, and now that they’ve newly signed to Season of Mist, we’ve got a brand new album to fiend on. ‘From Wisdom to Baked’ is 11 tracks of pure homegrown riot music. I took a lungful and this is what I had to say…

Naturally, Cannabis Corpse still have the death metal feel down pat on this new record: from ‘Baptized in Bud’ to ‘Medicinal Healing’, each track puffs out plumes of raucous death noise and coughs out growls that have Corpsegrinder and Chris Barnes alike nodding in appreciation. And the riffs. Oh my, those riffs. It’s like going back to the early nineties and taking a hit of the purest strain of death metal available. Be careful you don’t partake too much of this, mind you. Who knows what may happen to you…

It’s impossible to pick out a particular track here to stand above the others. There’s just too much yummy metal goodness on offer: have yourself an aural feast. There is some sick guitar work on ‘Pull the Carb’: a twisted little number that descends into doom tolling of cranial-crushing heaviness. Conversely, ‘Voice of the Bowl’ is a shredding stormer, with timeshifts that crank up the pressure and the intensity. Shit gets heavier than a three-day hangover, yo.

Cannabis Corpse may have chosen a laugh-worthy subject matter to base their sound around, but their musicality will never be called into question. ‘From Wisdom to Baked’ is eleven tracks of the tightest, catchiest classic death metal around, with a heavy bite and a unique flavour that always has its listeners hungry for another hit of the good stuff. Check it out and get the metal muchies right now.

From Wisdom To Baked is available to buy now on Season Of Mist Records.

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Written by Chris Markwell

Check out this great track from the new album - From Wisdom To Baked