Saturday 20 September 2014

BEAK - Let Time Begin (Album Review)

Beak - Let Time Begin

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 23rd September 2014

Let Time Begin - track listing:

Souls In Streams
Light Outside
The Breath Of Universe
Let Time Begin
Into The Light
Carry A Fire
Over The Shelter, The Morning Breaks
Fiery They Rose


Blending Heavy Psych tripping waves and Stoner power, explosion of fuzz, delay and wha wha solo support by a heavy and powerfull rythm section, Brain Pyramid is here to kick your mind on it's space ride !


Chris Eichenseer
Jason Goldberg
Jon Slusher
Andy Bosnak


BEAK's debut album - Let Time Begin - is finally upon us almost 2.5 years since their critically acclaimed 'debut EP - Eyrie - was released back in 2012. I always rated BEAK highly even back then as I called them one of Post-Metal brightest hopes and I am pleased to say that BEAK more than match the potential they showed on their debut EP on this blistering and hard-hitting album.

Let Time Begin is not your conventional Post-Metal album as BEAK injects new life into the genre with stunning noises and effects to give their debut album brains as well as brawn with the colossal riffs on show. Opening track Souls In Screams has a slight industrial/electro-rock feel with its creative use of synths leading the way with Jon's vocals having a distorted feel to them. It has the tone of early ISIS though with a more electronica vibe at its core. BEAK still manages to create a ton of intense Atmospheric Sludge Riffs to impress you with.

Second Track - Light Outside - is a more straightforward Sludge/Post-Metal affair with BEAK playing a more familiar style of noise and carnage that will speak volumes to the Post-Metal crowed. The instrumental work is impressive through out with BEAK earning their Sludge/Post-metal credentials with huge success. BEAK deserves credit for trying something different and daring within the Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal field. Let Time Begin is an album where the creative process is just as important as the music and end result itself. The album dares you to be part of the entire process where the music is hypnotic and most equally dangerous.

Third Track - The Breath Of Universe - is one the albums standout tracks as it once again ventures into the murky world of electronica with heavy post-metal riffs giving BEAK a distinctive voice in the modern world of music. The digitized effects may be too jarring for some but I urge you to stay the full journey, as it is a powerful tune with emotional depth and intelligence to it.

Let Time Begin is not an easy album to like or listen to on your first listen so give this album time to fully understand it and enjoy. I will admit that it took me a very long time and multiple listens to fully enjoy the whole experience. When I did, I began to enjoy the album in a completely new light. The album becomes heavier as time goes on with a more rounded emphasis on noise and volume especially on tracks such as Into The Light and Carry A Fire. Hints of subtle Post-Rock ambient noises appear occasionally to give the album a more serene and peaceful tone though BEAK always unleash the post-metal chaos to give to bring the album fully to life once again. Let Time Begin is a daring, thrilling and haunting record that will create ripples within the Post-Metal/Atmospheric Sludge world.

Once the album has finished and taken you on an emotional rollercoaster, the first thing you want to do is press play and relive this wonderful audio experience over and over again. It is a powerful album that will last long in the memory. What more else can I say apart from this - BEAK are an unstoppable force of nature. Let Time Begin is simply unmissable.

Let Time Begin will be released on CD/DD through SomeOddPilot Records from Sept 23rd 2014.

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Written by Steve Howe