Saturday 27 September 2014

Plague Mask - Failure In Repetition (EP Review)

Failure In Repetition cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: August 13th 2014
Label: Self Released/Exalted Woe Records

Failure In Repetition – track listing:

1.Comfort In A Washed Mind 03:43
2.Plagues 02:53
3.MKUltra 04:42
4.Far From Human 03:02
5.Like Lemmings 03:57


Plague Mask began as a short lived effort called Commune, formed in the winter of 2011 in Syracuse NY and inspired by everything from Swans to Black Metal. After changing their name to Plague Mask and recording a demo...Mathew Kinne took over on drums, and a short ep was recorded at the local MORE SOUND "The Frailty Of Human Existence". Plague Mask changed drummers again and added keys to make the current lineup: Guitar- Nik Moore Vocals- Kevin Cole Bass - Dylan Webb Drums - Jesse Watson Synth/Samples - Matt Kaptan (edit: Matt has recently began playing rhythm guitar). Since then Plague Mask has set to work on creating an honest original sound that is both harsh and sludgey... but also psychedelic and emotive.


Guitar- Nik Moore
Vocals- Kevin Cole
Drums - Jesse Watson
Guitar - Matthew Kaptan


Plague Mask play a strange sounding Crust/Sludge/Stoner/Black/Doom kind of noisy metal. It's hard to describe their overall sound and that's a good thing as I can't compare them to other bands currently out there. Failure In Repetition is their 2nd EP and it's a stunning and hard-rocking affair.

Kevin's vocals have a dark and sinister edge to them as Plague Mask get straight down to business of playing some bone-crunching riffs that show you these demonic rockers mean business. And business is so fucking good for Plague Mask as this EP is a brooding journey into the seedier side of life. The EP is on for a brisk 18 minutes and the band leave a wake of destruction in their way with their style of dark Sludge/Stoner Metal leaving you a shivering wreck.

Plagues and MKUltra are probably the EP's strongest songs as it's where the band fully show their true potential with sinister riffs being matched against Kevin's scary as hell vocals. It's a dark and scary experience that shows you how sinister Dark Plague can actually be.

The production of the EP can be a bit a hit and miss at times though it's still a great release from Plague Mask and one that should further enhance their reputation as one of the scariest and heaviest bands on their local scene. Maybe it's time for Plague Mask to start working on their full length debut album. The world may not be ready for them but I know I am.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Kevin for sending me a promo to review. Failure In Repetition is now available to buy on BandCamp now.

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Written by Steve Howe