Tuesday 23 September 2014

OMSQ - Thrust/Parry (Album Review)

Thrust/Parry LP cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 05th September 2014
Label: Self Released

Thrust/Parry LP- track listing:

1.Craving 02:57
2.Relapse 06:46
3.Soleil 06:22
4.Noordzee 01:26
5.North Sea 07:31
6.The Outsider 03:19
7.White Suit 04:54
8.It all seems 00:50
9.(thrust) 03:29
10.(parry) 02:08
11.Limitless 05:41
12.4:48 16:28


Instrumental / Space Rock / Sludge / Noise / Stoner / Psychedelic from Brussels - BE

OMSQ has already released two split EP’s in vinyl format on Belgian label Antée Records. Both records are distributed in Belgium by Mandai (Amenra, Zu, Big’n, Marvin, Three Second Kiss, Yowie, etc.) The band will now release “Thrust/Parry”, its first full-length album.

OMSQ has started hitting the stages in Belgium in 2013. They have already been playing with heavy psychedelic and sludge masters such as The Men (US), Hey Colossus (UK), Humanfly (UK), People of the North (US), Perhaps (US), Djevara (UK), The Fierce and The Dead (UK), Earthmass (UK), Sumer (UK), Gurt (UK), etc. First reviews of OMSQ’s live performances described them as “an instrumental terror” and “atypical space-rock, desert-rock, stoner-drone-prog, doom-noise-psyche-sludge…”


K54 - guitar, keyboards, synths, programming
Bert - drums, keyboards
AL_WNTR - guitar, bass guitar
Ludo - bass guitar, guitar, synth


Holy Fuck – Where did the hell these guys come from. Their debut album – Thrust/Parry is one hell of nightmarish racket that features all of my favourite genres in one easy as hell loud destructive package.

You want Sludge, Stoner, Space Rock and lots of NOISE then OMSQ is the band for you. It's a dark twisted journey into the realm of Dark Instrumental Rock that is gonna to blow your fucking whole world apart. The first two tracks – Craving and Relapse – show you what OMSQ are all about. Heavy pounding riffs that instantly grabs you by the throat and doesn't stop for the next 62 minutes or so.

OMSQ are very hard to describe as they throw everything at you and it's a pulsating and thrilling experience to be apart of. Epic spacey riffs with the demented and violent Sludge Metal carnage thrown in for good measure. I never wanted this album to end as it's a work of twisted genius. If you're a fan Of Pelican, Karma To Burn, Sleep, Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Ufomammut and Ocean Chief you seriously need to check this album out now.

OMSQ do add a lot of different psych based ambient noises to their music and it gives their sound a thumping and heavy desolate feel where there is no escape from. The standout track on the album has to be the final 16 minute track – 4:48 – which throws everything at you while it becomes part of your sub-conscience. OMSQ deliver drone based Sludge/Post-Metal/Stoner Riffs of the highest order which has an air of authority and intelligence to it that you don't hear very often in the realm of instrumental music.

This album is a work of twisted genius and about as close to musical perfection your likely to hear this year. Amazing. End Of.

Check it out for yourselves as OSMQ have Thrust/Parry available for free download from BandCamp. You cannot pass this album by. It's seriously that good. Get downloading now. Or you can buy the physical versions here on CD and Vinyl.

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Band’s website: www.omsq.be

Written by Steve Howe