Tuesday 2 September 2014

Season Of Arrows - S/T (Album Review)

Season of Arrows cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 15th April 2014
Label: The Path Less Traveled Records

Season of Arrows - track listing:

1.Submersible 05:26
2.The Loved One 04:14
3.Soul of the City 05:32
4.Ox Blood 04:38
5.Columns 06:40
6.Sleepwalkers 04:47
7.Trace Elements 07:12
8.Bad Weather 04:51
9.Rival 04:54


Season Of Arrows is a five piece rock band from Nashville, TN. Some of the members have been in and out of numerous bands together since 1998. This band was started in January of 2014.

Season Of Arrows strives to build passionate and strong music that will transcend the stereo types. The band recorded their debut record with Mikey Allred from Dark Art Audio who recorded the likes of Inter Arma (Relapse Records), Across Tundras (Neurot Records), and Yautija (Forcefield Records) Season Of Arrows signed with The Path Less Traveled Records in February of 2014.


Stormie Wakefield, Vocals
Brandon Shepard, Guitar
David Gates, Guitar
Shawn Van Dusen, Bass/Back-Up Vocals
Brad Lawson, Drums


Seadon of Arrows debut S/T album is a thunderous loud and heavy affair that will speak volumes to the Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal community. It has blazing riffs and superb vocals by the wonderfully named – Stormie Wakefield. Which is quite apt as Stormie's vocals feel as powerful as a hurricane or an out of control tornado.

The album is a fantastic debut album that takes influences from a whole range of bands but still maintaining their own identity. Season Of Arrows drifts from Doom, Sludge, Stoner Metal with hints of Post-Metal riffs shining through from time to time.

If you're a fan of Kylesa and Dark Castle then check Season Of Arrows now. For a band only going strong since the start of 2014, Season Of Arrows sound they have been together for decades as the chemistry between the band is intense. The dual guitars of Brandon and David brings a heavy as hell experience that will take a long time to recover from. Check out the awesome dual guitars on The Loved One, Soul Of The City and Columns.

Shawn and Brad prove they can more than match their band-mates on Bass and Drums respectively. They can be classed as the real heart of the band providing a thumping rhythm line for the rest of the band to thrive on. It's good to hear Season Of Arrows not bowing down to the more famous female driven Occult Rock route that seems have taken over the world recently. Season Of Arrows are a proper heavy sludge metal band that makes intelligent and thought provoking music to challenge the listener with.

Their debut album is an album of many moods and expertly matches the riffs to make the listener feel very uncomfortable at times. The album can feel a bit rushed at times but for a debut album that is a minor complaint as this album just plain flat out rocks.

Lets see what Season Of Arrows can do with their second album as they left me begging for more. Awesome Stuff.

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Written by Steve Howe