Sunday 14 September 2014

Possessor - Electric Hell (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 22/6/2014
Label: Self Released/Bandcamp

‘Electric Hell’ DD track listing:

1). Chasms of Malice (02:55)
2). Invisible Face (03:56)
3). Limb from Limb (03:18)
4). Castle of Bastards (01:45)
5). Strange Summoning (01:48)
6). Heavy Dreams (05:12)
7). Skeletal Form (04:26)
8). Face the Possessor (03:24)
9). Electric Hell (05:25)


Coming out from the underground of London is a band with plenty of power and riffing ability, did I mention they can riff? Their latest release ‘Electric Hell’ is a true gem to be found for those who seek new bands who are going to satisfy their hunger for more heavy music. Half an hour of bitchin’ ripping heavy metal fury, ‘Electric Hell’ begins with a power intro that will immediately attract the attention of those who enjoy doom metal, because it sets the tone for the rest of the record by letting you know what you are in for right away. They make a statement by delivering a crushing riff and immediately follow it with a Thrashy tempo and vocal style reminiscent of the upcoming Electric Wizard album with an eerie echo effect. A great tone from the guitar work is present, having enough low end to satisfy us doomsters but enough crunch to satisfy and bring the thrash metal feel.

Listening to Possessor feels like a giant bulldozer is ploughing through your speakers at full power with the muddy demonic sound they achieve.  The band rarely gives you room to relax as they are all guns blazing at all times. A very dynamic snare and consistent drumming style gives you plenty of opportunities to bang your head.

A Thrash/Doom metal hybrid is perhaps what we can describe Possessor as. Evoking memories of Acid Witch’s guitar style, as well as very Pantera with some High on Fire thrown in the mix. Highlights on the record are ‘Limb from Limb’, ‘Heavy Dreams’, and ‘Skeletal Form’.

Having found this band from a visit to bandcamp, I can say it feels awesome to find this quality from a band that is still quite underground. This release is one of my favourite releases of the year overall and I will be following Possessor from here on out. Heavy enough for us doom fans, fast enough to attract the Thrashers, Psychedelic enough to please the Stoners! Possessor has made a statement with this record and seem to be a promising band, rock on!

Those of you in the London, UK area should be expecting to see Possessor soon as they plan to bring their "Electric Hell" to a stage near you soon.

Words by: Frank Heredia

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