Sunday 28 September 2014

CRAWL - Old Wood and Broken Dreams (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: TBA
Label: Stone Groove Records

Old Wood and Broken Dreams – track listing:

Crack Tea
Don't Kill Me (w/ guest vocals from Chris Fane of IRON WITCH)
Useless (Buzzoven Cover)
3 A.M. And A Loaded Gun


Crawl began Spring 2012 with a core trio of which have been past members of FULCI, Social Infestation, Molehill, Hog Mountin & Sons of God! Their initial rumblings comprised of immense detuned riffing and sociopathic chants alongside bulldozing sub frequencies and Neanderthal tar-pit beats, bringing together the drunken groove of classic southern rock and prime Sabbathian riffage with the bowel churning devastation of contemporary Doom Metal and sludge rock. Crawl swings a heavy hammer as they deliver crushing Deep South destructo-sludge.

2012 - Crawl began in April with the exchanging of ideas between Eric Crowe, Tommy Butler and John Holloway; slowly getting schedules together to begin writing. By July writing was in full swing but still having major delays. Our search began for a new bassist and in that time decided to go ahead and record the "Crawl" demo with the help of our friend Brad Claborn recording us and filling in bass duties for the demo. Just after this, enter Tyler Akers in September. We released our demo, then in December released the CD split with Black Tar Prophet as well as playing out.


Butler - Barbaric Blasts
PLowe - Low-end assault
Crowe - Guitar / Throat


I have been a fan of CRAWL for quite a while now as they do something different with their style of music. CRAWL mix Southern Metal with elements of Doom, Sludge, Stoner and Drone for one heavy as fuck experience. They have released a demo, an EP and split EP with Black Tar Prophet over the years, but it's now time for CRAWL to announce their arrival to the world with their debut album. Old Wood and Broken Dreams is a stunning and heavy as hell experience that will have you begging for more.

Old Wood and Broken Dreams is one of those debut albums that doesn't come around often. Mainly an album that you know is something special from the very first listen. It's a spellbinding and almost violent experience packed full of dark moments that will beat you into submission. So lets get down to business with Old Wood and Broken Dreams. Opening Track – Crack Tea – is a 1:36 minute instrumental track that perfectly sets the mood for the album. Drone based Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal riffs played at a slow pace that allows the music to breathe and expand with each passing moment.

Second track – Don't Kid Me – starts with a haunting guitar solo with a creepy soundbyte setting the scene for CRAWL to unleash their nightmarish riffs onto an unsuspecting audience. The vocals is the perfect foil to the drone based riffs that CRAWL have in store for you. KUDOS to CRAWL for getting Chris Fane from UK Sludge Metallers – Iron Witch to appear on this track. It's a loud and pulsating experience that I find very hard to describe as CRAWL don't stick to one particular sound. They blend elements of Sludge, Stoner and Doom with a loud emphasis on Drone being the main driving force. It's a more distorted and dangerous version of WO-FAT.

The next track is where CRAWL actually show you realm of Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal with the albums standout track – Pilldust – an instrumental track that feels like an out-of-body experience as CRAWL take you to places you can only imagine. Drone distorted Sludge/Stoner/Doom riffs are the main order of business once again. CRAWL include a few quiet ambient based moments for you to catch your breath before the band unleash the heavy thunderous riffs you can't help but fully lose yourself in.

CRAWL pay homage to one of their musical heroes – BUZZOVEN – on the next track with their excellent cover of BUZZOVEN classic – Useless. It doesn't stray to far from the original but it's still great to hear a classic track such as this giving a more modern makeover. Crowe's vocals are on fire here. You can feel the pain and intensity in his vocals. That's the way it should be if you're gonna cover a brutal track such as this.

CRAWL unleash another epic track to punish your senses with. Nigredo is the 12 minute plus track which sees the band at their most creative and edgiest as they play their way through a song that puts you through a pummelling survival program. Trust me. This track is EPIC in every sense of the word. The dangerous and heavy as fuck riffs give CRAWL's debut album an unsettling edge where you need your wits about you. The heavy pounding riffs and bleak vocals all adds up for one thrilling dark ride.

Last but by no means least is – 3 A.M. And A Loaded Gun – is the most sinister track on the album as it opens up with a frightening soundbyte with creepy ambient noises creating a deeply unflinching atmosphere. The song becomes more frightening as time goes by. CRAWL stay brutal as hell until the very end. When this track finishes you have been put through a gruelling exercise in noise and terror.

Old Wood and Broken Dreams is an album that will pulverize some listeners. It's a complex, brutal, scary and heavy as hell album that I can't wait to experience again. Its an incredible album on every level. End Of.

Thanks to the band for sending me a promo to review. Old Wood and Broken Dreams will be available to buy soon.

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Written by Steve Howe