Wednesday 31 July 2013

The Lumberjack Feedback - Hand of Glory EP (Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 2/7/2013
Label: Kaotoxin Records

Hand of Glory, track listing:
1). A Whisper to the Thunder 08:46
2). The Dreamcatcher 08:21

“Loud and Low”, here’s The Lumberjack Feedback’s motto. Heavy, intense and catchy instrumental Doom (yes, no vocalist involved) with two drummers (yes, two of them!) with dynamics and contrasts ; an hypnotizing, mesmerizing soundtrack to apocalypse. Wall crumbles, Earth cracks and the gates of Hell open wide: this is Hell on Earth and it has never been so magnificent as earthquake now has a name: The Lumberjack Feedback!
Deep droning bass and primitive twin-percussions as a roaring low-end thunder ridden by dark melodies crafted by the pair of guitarists like silver surfers riding a tsunami, this is all what The Lumberjack Feedback is all about: a weak beauty topping a tornado of devastating primal elements

Simon Herbaut – guitars
Arnaud Silvert – guitars
Sebastien Tarridec – bass
Nicolas Tarridec – drums
Christopher Poirier – drum

The Lumberjack Feedback start things heavy and raw with this EP and that is exactly how things continue. “A Whisper To The Thunder” is all un-dampened drums with thick low riffing. The press release proclaims the band's motto to be: “Loud and Low”- an accurate summation.

To be fair, instrumental doom is never going to be a big seller or commercial in any way- but if you enjoy the sound of doom rather that the attendant image/current trend for liking it then this EP is very worthy of your time.
For your money you get an EP that is limited to 1000 copies, a massive sound and two drummers (yes, that's correct) playing tight but loose.  The sound is dynamic and combines very slow passages with rhythmical and very heavy riffing at a more mid paced stomp.

The Dreamcatcher” is the second track on offer here and starts atmospherically with the drummers answering each other in call and response style while the bass rumbles and underpins the percussive motif. The twin guitars (dream) weave effectively over this rather mountainous terrain to build the track effectively with some good/sinister vibes.  More of a slow burner, the track lights up around the half way point and things get very heavy indeed.

If you like your doom crushing and epic- and fancy trying something a bit different then why not give this excellent band a try? It ticks all the boxes and offers a rather unique slant on a familiar sound.

Words by : Richard Maw

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy it here.  Thanks to Clawhammer PR for the hook up.