Friday 12 July 2013

ISIS - Celestial (Reissue)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 8/7/2013
Label : Ipecac

Celestial, album track listing
1.     SGNL>01
2.     Celestial (The Tower)
3.     Glisten
4.     Swarm Reigns (Down)
5.     SGNL>02
6.     Deconstructing Towers
7.     SGNL>03
8.     Collapse and Crush
9.     C.F.T. (New Circuitry and Continued Evolution)
10.  Gentle Time
11.  SGNL>04 (End Transmission

ISIS reissue their landmark full-length debut, Celestial, on July 8 via Ipecac Recordings. Originally release in 2000.

The hard to find and long out-of-print release will be reissued with new artwork from Aaron Turner as well as the audio having been recently remastered by James Plotkin

Isis need no introduction. You already know who they were, how revered they still are and how sorely they are missed. Their impact was great, and is still felt today in the reverberations of the bands that they influenced and were spawned in the wake of their creativity. So it is no surprise that their legendary debut album 'Celestial', originally released in 2000, has been lovingly given the remastering and the reissuing on vinyl and digital by Ipecac that it deserves for the modern audience. It also sports some tasty new cover artwork by Aaron Turner himself.

Well the good news is that it sounds amazing. It's still huge and full of bombast, while being meticulously detailed in the process. It just sounds clearer now. This is by no means a cynical release; time and pride have both been lovingly poured into this thing that much is evident. Both band and label are known for quality, and quality ye shall receive. Hopefully that means that a whole new wave of people can have the opportunity to explore this post-metal masterpiece for the first time. It's as fresh and vibrant now as it was 13 years ago, maybe even more so given its sexy makeover.

Go back and relive why you loved Isis in the first place. This is the absolute perfect way to rekindle a noisy love affair all over again. I suggest that you invest.

Words by : Matt Fitton

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can order this release here in a variety of formats. Thanks as always to Lauren @ Rarely Unable