Saturday 6 July 2013


Envoys is a Progressive Post-Metal Band from Leeds, UK

The members are:

Chris Wordsworth - Drums
Daniel Ogola - Bass
Stephen Creek - Guitar
Tom Allen - Guitar

Envoys are a band that is currently generating a lot of buzz amongst the British Rock movement. Their blend of Progressive Post-Metal music has a few people excited waiting to hear their eagerly awaited debut album – Violescent.

Sounding like a hybrid of Pelican, Russian Circles and a progressive Post-Rock Band, Envoys really do have a refreshing and original sound of their own. Their debut album shows a band in control of their own destiny. Sprawling sounds and landscapes combine for a war of noise. It’s a war with purpose. Loud Post-Metal riffs battling against the more peaceful and less violent Post-Rock counterpart of their music. The thing standing in between them is elements of excellent blasts of Prog Rock.

When all three elements combine then the album truly does come to life and propels the listener into a chaotic and beautiful world that Envoys have created through the power of music. You cannot deny the excellent instrumental work going on through out the entire album especially on outstanding tracks such as Ego is The Man Killer. Pure Instrumental Rock Genius in my honest opinion.

Envoys are the rare band you know how have the potential to release something groundbreaking in the years to come. Violescent shows a band not afraid to experiment with different sounds and vibes. Check out excellent tracks – Miyagi, Admonition and the amazing – To Serve Three Masters for prime evidence of this. Envoys may not be your most conventional Post-Metal band but when has Post-Metal been about convention. It’s there for bands to break the rules and to test the limits of what is possible with music and Envoys fall under that rule. It’s a rule that will show you the true full power of their music.

Vocals arrive at different parts of the album so at times you think you are listening to a purely instrumental rock album. But when the vocals do arrive they are unleashed with full force and passion that gives the album a deeply unforgiving nature. I am sorry I haven’t done a proper track-by-track review but it’s hard to do as I think the album should be listened as one epic track. As Envoys do have an epic vibe running through out their music.

Violescent is an album that needs to be played on the loudest speaker system possible to get the full effect as believe me you will miss many noises and effects on your first listen. This album took me a few times to experience the full effect of it all. So don’t go expecting an easy listening. This is one of the most rewarding album experiences I have had the pleasure to listen to this year.

The album is a work of art. Just embrace this excellent album for all it’s worth. There are plenty of hard-hitting riffs to be had. This is a forward thinking album that people will still be talking about in the years to come. And I will end my review there.


Thanks to the band for sending me a copy of the album to review. Violescent will be out to buy 29th July 2013 which you can order here.

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