Saturday 13 July 2013

Purple Dino

Demosaurus cover art 

Purple Dino are a Heavy Rock/Stoner Rock Band from Xanthi, Greece

The members are:

Mitsos Aggelakis - Percussions
Pavlos Konstantinidis - Guitar, Vocals
Dimitris Gravanis - Guitar
Stefanos Dimou - Bass

There are 3 things what grabbed me about this great bands demo release.

1 - They emailed me.
2 - The awesome name and album cover
3 - Plus their demo is called - DEMOSAURUS - Genius

But seriously it's the kick-ass riffs these Greek Stoners have at their disposal. If your a fan of Clutch then your going to love this like I did.

So you have 3 tracks that runs for an action packed 19 mins that shows you what Purple Dino can do. It might not be the most original of sounds but you can't deny the great riffs the band will unleash upon you.

First track Baby Burn Me Down has a slight blues rock vibe to it but the vocals are superb and really make this track that extra special.

Second Track - Truck - is a raging snarling beast with loud as fuck Stoner Rock riffs. Don't let the slow vibe of the track put you off as you will miss some heavy powerful riffs especially near the end. Awesome.

Third Track - Today - is another great track to show off Purple Dino's talents to perfection. High energy Stoner Rock riffs. The guys play a slight faster pace on this and this is possibly the best track on this release. Great riffs through out. It ends the release superbly.

This demo was recorded DIY style. No professional equipment at all. Which I find incredible as this is brilliantly produced and it sounds superb. I can't wait to hear these guys on a professionally produced full length which they will be doing later this year.

Well Purple Dino you have a new fan here. Bring on that full length. 

Right folks - This is available on BandCamp Buy Now download. You know what to do. Get downloading now or donate if you can.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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