Sunday 14 July 2013

Integrity - Suicide Black Snake (Album Review)

(A389-129) INTEGRITY Suicide Black Snake 12" cover art

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 11/6/2013
Label : A389 Recordings
Suicide Black Snake, album track listing:
1. Suicide Black Snake
2. I Know VVhere Everyone Lives
3. Beasts as Gods
4. There is a Sign
5. +Orrchida
6. All is None
7. There Ain’t No Living in Life
8. Detonate VVorlds Plague
9. Into the Night
10. Lucifer Before the Day Doth Go

The ongoing reign of terror from INTEGRITY continues in 2013, with the release of the iniquitous outfit’s tenth full-length, Suicide Black Snake.  Beyond an indisputable history as being an ultra brutal live act and basically being the most metal act associated with the top reigning champion acts of the 90s hardcore/metal scene, INTEGRITY has morphed into more of a musical entity, releasing countless splits and limited vinyl releases, taking back rights to seminal albums from the band’s discography and re-releasing them in proper formats, constantly enshrouded in bleak end-time/anti-life propaganda. Over time, creator Dwid Hellion has stripped the once quintet down to the bare essentials, having written and recorded solely with Robert Orr alone for the past five years, the visual and musical dimensions of INTEGRITY have grown fathoms more expansive, culminating into the most diverse album in the band’s storied existence with Suicide Black Snake. Words : Earsplit Compound

Dwid Hellion
Robert Orr
I reviewed the Integrity vinyl that came out earlier this year and it was predictably awesome. They're always reliable like that. I'm sure I don't need to introduce you to who they are, they're practically hardcore monarchy now. All I will say is that they have a killer new album out that goes by the title of 'Suicide Black Snake' on the badass A389 Recordings, straight outta Baltimore (great label). Let's tear this shit up, young 'un.
Self titled opener is classic Integrity, they have those dark, almost 80s thrash intros seriously fucking NAILED to the deck. Distorted, raw and pissed off, this is a promising sign of things to come. Dwid howls like a wolf that went mental from sheer isolation and pain. THIS WILL BE GOOD.
'Beasts as Gods' is a real rager, a card carrying pit inciter. Hardcore riffs cut through the noise, and the drumming sounds like molotovs landing in the street. Furious, and blistering. I always come back to the band for them solos though, always diverse and always skilful to the max. It has always raised them head and shoulders above many of their one dimensional peers.
'All Is None' is another neck snapper, a colossal main riff spears the charge from your speakers. the sample later in the song really works in creating an atmosphere of confusion and aggression too. It's a fucking art form, baby. Dose me up some.
My choice cut here is the wonderfully titled 'There Ain't No Living In Life'. Dark and moody, classic Integrity. There's always this Nick Cave / Danzig type darkness (no crooning here though) with Integrity that I love. And there's harmonica! Full of regret and another soaring, searching solo, this is pain man, this is blood spilled onto the canvas. This is positively blues by definition. It's a whole world of forlorn hurt and I love it.
This is a legacy continued by a truly revered hardcore act. Laced with metallic flair throughout as always, 'Suicide Black Snake' is another vital release by Integrity, one that proves they are in a league of their own. Buy that shit ASAP.

Words by : Matt Fitton
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