Thursday 11 July 2013

Bölzer - Aura - Review


Iron Bonehead
13 May 2013

The band:

HzR - drums
KzR - guitars, vocals


1. C.M.E. 07:03
2. Entranced By The Wolfshook 07:49
3. The Great Unifier 11:38

I had never heard of this Swiss duo when their new 3-track EP Aura arrived in my mailbox. However it was most welcomed because I've been dying to listen to some great evil, filthy and nasty black metal. Most releases of this genre has been tepid lately to say the least so when these two Zürich guys materialized before me life was good again. Although formed back in 2008 HzR and KzR had only released one demo prior to Aura and if that's intentional to hone their skills or not I don't know. Regardless, this EP is an amazing sonic attack on my sense and I simply can't stop playing it.

C.M.E. unleashes the fury right off the bat and there is absolutely no turning back. I am sucked straight into their vortex of insanity and rage and I just want more. Pummeled to a bloody pulp what keeps me afloat is KzR ferocious bee-swarm guitar that works as a beacon in this maelstrom while HzR is trying his damnedest to destroy me even more with his barrage on the drums.

Not thinking it was possible Entranced By The Woolfshook is even more furious than C.M.E. and I am left gasping for air as Bölzer, the annihilation machine, demolishes everything in sight. There is no penance on offer as they crushes anything to dust but again I have KzR's amazing guitar playing as a focus point while his counter part HzR is maniacal bulldozer hellbent on destruction.

Rounding of this excellent EP is The Great Unifier and it is almost like an amalgamation of the two previous tracks albeit with slower start. Soon enough the mayhem kicks in again and any kind of respite I was hoping for vanishes completely and I am finally absorbed fully into the degenerate world of Bölzer. And guess what? I couldn't be happier...every time I listen to Aura I am cleansed as strange as it may sound. All the torment and anguish I suffer while listening to it is actually a catharsis for me and I feel so much better afterwards!

Not only have Bölzer restored my faith in black metal but they have also found an acolyte in me. They totally floored me the moment I first heard opening track C.M.E. and the EP just gets better and better. I can't wait for the next release from the guys but in the meantime I will keep Aura on constant repeat and simply enjoy their nastiness.

Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Iron Bonehead Records and Nathan Birk for sending us a promo copy to review. Buy this now!!!

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