Tuesday 23 July 2013

Choice Cut of Doom / Crowbar - Oddfellows Rest

Time for this weeks, Choice Cut of Doom.  Too me this band encapsulates everything that is Sludgelord.  Crowbar are the antithesis of sludge and are now thankfullly better known for their music, rather than their seemingly ever expanding heavyweight waist lines. :)  I know, Mr. Windstein has been quoted as saying, that the current line up is the strongest in the history of Crowbar.  However, Windstein, Bower, Duet and Strange were the classic line-up in my opinion and they delivered a classic record. 

Released, originally in 1998 on Mayhem records.  This, their 5th record,  followed up Broken Glass, which was no easy feat.  A change of pace, in the sense that Broken Glass was just so brutal, Oddfellows Rest is their classic record!!  Oddfellows has since been re-released twice.  Including an Iron Maiden cover, Remember Tomorrow and as a double disc, coupled together with arguably their weakest record, Equilibrium.  Anyway, over to Fitton, to tell you about his Choice Cut of Doom.


Every so often this album gets right under my skin and makes me feel blissfully forlorn. It's my favourite Crowbar album, and I honestly think that it's most people's too. It's widely heralded as the heaviest thing recorded by what is possibly one of the heaviest acts ever to carve up tarmac all over this planet. This week I have been listening to it non-stop, at home, on the way to and from work, absolutely and completely. And that's probably the evidence of it's real and true scary power: it makes mortal men obsess about it. It's so heavy it's ridiculous. Sludge pioneers being truly captivating, and still essential.

Windstein for president. OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE.

Words by : Matt Fitton

Listen to the record in full and tell me this is not fucking awesome!!  Who am I kidding, all of their records are Killer.  Enjoy!  See you next week, bitches!!  If you don't have this record.  There is the door motherfucker!!