Wednesday 17 July 2013

SEDULUS - Band To Check Out

The Beta EP cover art

Sedulus is a Psych/Ambient/Stoner Metal Band from Harrow, London

The members are:

Will Wichanski- Bass & Vocals
Rich Williams- Guitar
Amit Patel- Guitar & BV's
Mithun Shah- Drums

Sedulus are a band who I have been a fan of for the last couple of years. Their blend of Ambient based Psych Stoner Metal has won them quite a following amongst the global Stoner Metal crowd. They have shared the stage with legendary bands such as Karma to Burn, Brant Bjork, Nebula, Sons of Otis & Ufomammut.

A hell of a mix but testament to the bands talent and vision that they transcend so many different genres. Believe me folks these guys will blow your whole fucking world apart with their psych/trippy stoner metal riffs.

They have released 3 EP's so far. And each of them are full of awesome riffs to rock out to.

2010 - Perseids EP
2012 - Sedulus EP 
2013 - The Beta EP 

If you're a fan of Karma To Burn, Kyuss, Isis and Neurosis then your going to love the spaced out riffage going on here. Sedulus are a band you cannot possibly ignore. All these brilliant releases are up for free/buy now download on BandCamp. If you can help the guys out by buying some merch then please do. As this is some amazing music they have at their disposal.

You won't be sorry. Check out amazing tracks such as Riding, Another Caucasian Gary and Perseids from their excellent debut release. Be prepared to be blown away.

Their new release - The Beta EP - is quite possibly their finest work to date. From the first minute of the excellent opening track - Foxhole - You know you're in for a great ride. Just embrace the power of Sedulus and be taken to places you can only dream about. Awesome.

I hope these guys will start working on their full length debut record and show the world what they are truly made of. As they are one of the finest UK Stoner Metal Bands I have came across over the last few years or so.

If you love Ufomammut then you need to check these brilliant cosmic sludge/stoner metallers now...

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

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