Tuesday 2 July 2013

Hivelords - Cavern Apothecary (Exclusive Stream)

HIVELORDS are blackened psychedelic sludge from Philadelphia. Experiencing Hivelords is much like watching an 111 year old tree getting uprooted from the earth. A windstorm of punishing riffs, your heart pounding to ritualistic drums, and a vocalist, standing upon his alter, conjuring spirits to rip and tear the roots from your lifeless and monotonous existence.

HIVELORDS exists to transmute a natural and terrifying force into experience. They are akin to archetypical renderings of a hidden, absurd squalor beneath existence. They acknowledge all the tenets of folklore, mythology and organized religion while unveiling the real horror behind them; absolute uncertainty. The destination is harsh reality, and the route is a painstakingly calculated mixture of concepts such as misery, disbelief, mold, mortality, and debris. The redeeming quality of each rendering is the presence of just enough triumph to return to normal levels of depression after listening.
Hivelords' debut full-length release will be available through Anthropic Records today, home of Sludgelord favourites Ominous Black and Sadgiqacea.

We have joined together with Catharis PR in order to give you the first taste of this brilliant band's new record.  They have received the following praise:
"Utterly compelling, from the sickly intervals of the riffs down to the labyrinthine structures they’re built upon." - Lurker's Path

"Philadelphia’s Hivelords swing a wicked scythe through black metal and doom, harvesting a unique and arresting sound, The band eviscerate nefarious arpeggios and impale tremolo picked arrangements with sure-handed craft, displaying an excellent ear for dynamics." - Metal Bandcamp

"Hivelords play an intense blend of psych-based sludge/doom/black metal to brilliant and outstanding effect." - Sludgelord

“Down down down tuned doom doom doom tunes. Brutal even. Reminiscent of Khanate, Sunn O))), Leviathan, Grief, and percocets mixed with whiskey. Does not sit well with raver drugs, or things that make you happy.” - R5 Productions

"The music is mostly slow, brooding dirges of melancholic progressions...uncomfortable in it's hideous vocal performance and repetitive hammer-to-the-skull style as it's predecessor." - Contaminated Tones

Check out this exclusive new track below.  As usual show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  If you like what you hear, you can buy the record here  A review will be coming over the coming weeks.  This is superb.  Now dig in.  Cheers Kim @ Catharsis PR