Tuesday 30 July 2013

MONOMYTH - S/T - Album Review

Monomyth is a Psychedelic Space Rock/Krautrock/Stoner Rock Band from The Netherlands

The members are:

Bassguitar: Selwyn Slop (Incense, The Polar Exploration Ship, Lucid)
Drums: Sander Evers (35007, Gomer Pyle)
Keyboards: Peter van der Meer (The Incredible Stacks, The Polar Exploration Ship)
Guitars: Thomas van den Reydt (Alkaloid)
Knobs & Computers: Tjerk Stoop

Monomyth is a band who has been generating a lot of buzz and excitement within the Stoner Rock scene. Their S/T debut album is about to be released on excellent record label – Burning World Records.

Monomyth’s live performances and numerous videos on YouTube have seen them labelled as a force to be reckoned with. Well the time is almost upon us for Monomyth to deliver their incredible blend of Psychedelic Stoner Rock. But there is so much more to their music that meets the eye.

Drone, Space Rock and Krautrock all combine for an out of this world ride into the unknown. Monomyth’s debut album runs for 58 mins and it delivers one of the best audio experiences you will likely to hear this year or any other year to be precise. There are riffs to be found here folks but it is all mixed in with heavy layers of psychedelic space rock/krautrock greatness.

This album feels truly alive from the very first seconds of sublime opening track -
Vanderwaalskrachten. The 11 minutes simply crushes everything in its path. It might start off slow and quiet but give this track time and it slowly builds upto to a loud wall of noise blazing heavy atmospherics riffs with brilliant instrumental work from the band playing through out.

A great start to frankly a wonderful debut album that is going to launch these guys on the international stage. You might even hear shades of Pelican at times with the ambient noises creeping in now and again.

2nd track – Vile Vortices – is the shortest track on the album running for a lowly 8:27 minutes. OK it is still an epic track full of awe and wonder that truly transcends time and space. That is the superb Space Rock vibe starting to show up more prominently. But Monomyth never stay in the same place for long. They add a cool slice of ambient style of Krautrock to calm the senses before taking you on another intergalactic journey. The pianos and keyboards are a work of art here. They add a real sense of awe and danger before some fantastic slow-paced guitar riffs, which adds a soul to the album.

3rd track – The Groomlake Engine – is one of the albums standout tracks. Another 10-minute plus epic to blaze through your headphones or stereo speakers. Noises and atmospherics combine to portray another outstanding blast of huge Stoner Rock riffs blended with heavy Space Rock/Krautrock licks.

I do not want to do a track-by-track review as you still have two tracks left totalling for about 30 minutes or so. But Monomyth go into overdrive from here on in. Loch Ness and Huygens will take you to places you did not think were possible in the realm of Instrumental Rock music. But Monomyth have succeeded on every possible level.

Close your eyes and this brilliant band of Space/Stoner Rockers will take you to the edges of space and back again without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Huygens is the albums central masterpiece. 17 minutes that will stir up every human emotion possible. It is another epic journey that will take you to the far reaches of space. All made possible by the power of the heavy riffs that Monomyth have at their disposal. Huygens is pure sonic perfection. It highlights what makes Monomyth such a special band indeed.

It is their range of ideas and their willingness to go that little bit further that most instrumental rock bands can only dream about. The range of ideas that Monomyth have packed into this album is an achievement in itself. It is bursting with them. To the point that one listen to this album is never enough. You need multiple listens to experience the world that Monomyth have created.

The album proves that Monomyth are incredible musicians. This is one of the strongest sounding debuts I have heard in a very long time. This album is going to launch Monomyth on to the international scene.

Production is immense. You will not hear a better sounding album all year. Believe me folks when I say that Monomyth are only going to get bigger and better. That is the most exciting thing about this band and the album. It is the suspense of what will they come up with next.

Awesome. This is a classic album in the making. Incredible.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review. Really appreciate it guys.

Monomyth S/T Debut Album will be available to buy from Burning World Records on Sept 16th 2013 on CD, DD and Vinyl

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