Monday 14 July 2014

Blacksmoker - Origins - Album Review

ORIGINS cover art

Record Type: Album
Date Released: July 11th 2014
Label: Self Released

Origins - track listing:

1.Death Valley 04:56
2.Burn Down The Thrones 04:16
3.Chronos 04:48
4.Mind Over Mind 04:40
5.Saturday Destroyer 04:58
6.Divide & Conquer 05:01
7.Crawler 04:38
8.Hell Walks The Earth 04:29


Forged by members of the bands ELISION and HELLBOUND comes a new beast to live! BLACKSMOKER.

Band Members

marco: guitar / vocals
sven: bass / vocals
tobi: drums


Blacksmoker is a hard-rocking Stoner Metal band combining elements of Sludge, Doom and Hard Rock to their fast and furious angry as hell sound. Their debut album – Origins – is pure balls-to-the-wall album packed with a ton of great riffs to knock you the fuck out.

First track – Death Valley – is a fast-paced affair – which perfectly sets the scene for the next 38 mins or so. Intense Stoner Metal riffs with a slight Doom Metal/Punk Rock vibe slowly starting to come out to play. The vocals have an Baroness type feel to them as they match the angry as hell music Blacksmoker are throwing your way.

Second Track – Burn Down The Thrones – only adds to the violent as hell atmosphere played out earlier. Though the band still find time to have fun and rock out like the pros that they are. Blacksmoker even add a creepy Mastodon vibe to the album as the riffs go into overdrive!!!

Blacksmoker have created a brilliant and intense experience that you will be playing over and over again as it seriously is a must have album. They have crafted a refreshing take on the Stoner Metal sound as it becomes very dark in places which sets it apart from the competition. Tracks such as Chronos, Mind Over Mind and Saturday Destroyer hammer the point home that these guys cannot be fucked with. Blacksmoker is a living, breathing and dangerous riff-slaying machine that will destroy everything in it's wake.

If you're a fan of Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Baroness and Mastodon then you're going to be in musical heaven as Blacksmoker take elements of those great bands and conjure something up that still sounds so damn fresh and original. Blacksmoker add creepy sound-bytes to their music which gives Origins a creepy doom and gloom atmosphere which may have you looking over your shoulder every few minutes or so.

What more can I say about Origins – Not much. Apart from it's a must have release and that you need to download this now. As it is available on Buy Now Download via BandCamp. I don't know how long for as this album is getting a great response from the Stoner Metal community. So get downloading now. You won't be sorry. Germany has done it again with providing the world of Stoner Metal with an amazing band to check out.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe