Monday 14 July 2014

ENOS - Live At The East Slope - DVD Review

Type: DVD
Date Released: August 02nd 2014
Label: Self Released

Live At The East Slope – Live DVD - track listing:
  1. All Too Human
  2. In Space
  3. Floating
  4. Left For Dead
  5. Collisions
  6. Another Solution
  7. Launch
  8. Devil makes Work
  9. Transform
  10. Who Knew?
  11. Back To Earth

Q: What do you get if you cross Hawkwind, Kyuss, Pink Floyd, Orange Goblin and an unhealthy obsession with psychotic space chimps?

A: Enos!

Having played many shows all over the UK Enos have gained a reputation as a band to been seen and heard loud and live. A reputation that was cemented by the 2010 release of their first recording, Chapter 1 and backed up in 2012 with the release of All Too Human.

Enos’ music goes hand in hand with the comic they share their name with. Following the story of the eponymous chimpanzee the music switches from psychedelia, hard and solid riffing and relaxed passages to narrate the tale of Enos’ adventures.

Chapter 1 has gained the much critical acclaim within the underground music scene with Enos being Terrorizer Magazine’s featured artist on their site in November of 2011 and Soundshock’s featured artist in December of the same year.

Since the release of the band's critically acclaimed second album All Too Human in December 2012 Enos have gone on to tour Europe and the UK, play several festivals, released a Live EP (The East Slope) and have a live DVD on the way.

Band Members

Chris Rizzanski - Guitars/Vox
Sean Cox - Guitars
George Cobbold - Bass
Sparky Rogers - Drums


ENOS – One of the UK’s finest upcoming Psychedelic/Space/Stoner Metal Bands have made a name for themselves over the last few years. Mainly through their debut offering – Chapter 1 and their critically acclaimed follow-up album – All Too Human.

I am a huge fan of these guys and they are a formidable live act as I had the chance to see the guys in Leeds earlier this year along with Mother Corona and Abrahma. ENOS told me a while ago that a Live DVD was in the works and would be released very soon. Well I am pleased to see the guys have finally released their long-awaited debut Live DVD – Live at the East Slope.

The DVD was recorded from their Vinyl Release Party back on 22nd March 2013. Here is my take on the psychedelic madness that went down that fateful night. Lead Guitarist/Singer – Chris – advised me before he sent the promo DVD to me – You don’t suffer from Epilepsy do you? As there were a ton of strobe light effects used on the night. And we would advise not to watch it.

With that lovely warning from Chris still playing in the back of my mind, I pressed Play on my Blu-Ray player and my 50-inch Plasma TV lit up like an exploding planet with the volume blasting my TV’s speakers to dust. I was blown away by the clarity of the sound. It is loud and crisp from the start as ENOS get the cosmic party started with All Too Human played to a highly energetic crowd.

The live DVD combines ENOS majestic live performance spliced with different science fiction based clips through out the 66 minute run time. The DVD has a long lost footage movie quality to it, as the picture can be very grainy at times. The DVD mixes raw psychedelic overtones with a ton of strobe lighting effects that Chris warned me about earlier. Though it actually adds to the atmosphere as it takes you to another dimension.

The presentation of the DVD is fantastic through out but it is the sound is where this DVD deserves top-marks. You can hear every note, which the band plays and sings. I swear that my neighbours were banging on the wall for me to turn down the volume though it was at a very low setting. The DVD cover states this is an accurate recording of what was performed on the night.

So enough about technical issues. What about the gig itself. ENOS blast their way through a stunning array of tracks from their first two releases. All Too Human comes screeching at you from all directions as ENOS blend of Psych/Space-Rock/Stoner Metal riffs will leave you in an hypnotic trance. ENOS leave communications with the audience to the bare minimum and that is a wise decision, as they blitz there way through a stunning set list that will have fans rocking out to each spaced out riff.

All the ENOS classics are there for everybody to fully experience and hear. In Space, Floating, Launch, Another Solution, Who Knew? and Back To Earth. Though one of the highlights has to be – Collisions – as ENOS bring on Sigrid Jakobsen to lend her sultry vocals live on stage. She is on fire through out with the band laying down some heavy psychedelic riffs. It more than matches the version they recorded for the album – All Too Human.

ENOS – Live At The East Slope – is a thrilling and exiting visual treat that proves why ENOS have such a formidable live reputation within the UK Hard Rock/Stoner Metal scene. This captures ENOS at their most raw and honest. If you are a first time listener to ENOS then this DVD is the perfect introduction to their spaced out melodies. For long time fans this is a must have release to add to your ENOS collection.

Awesome. End Of.

Thanks To ENOS for sending me a copy to review. ENOS – Live At The East Slope – will be available to buy directly from the band from August 2nd 2014.

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Written by Steve Howe