Sunday 27 July 2014

Red Fang - TeamRock​.​com presents...Absolute Music Bunker Session EP (Review) presents an Absolute Music Bunker Session with Red Fang cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 22/7/2014
Label: Self Released

TeamRock​.​com presents an Absolute Music Bunker Session with Red Fang - Track listing:

1.Failure (Acoustic) 04:38
2.Human Herd (Acoustic) 03:44
3.Malverde (Acoustic) 03:51
4.Failure (Album Version) 04:57
5.Human Herd (Album Version) 03:51
6.Malverde (Album Version) 04:02


Acoustic tracks recorded live in March 2014 at the Team Rock studios in London, UK. “Failure” originally appears on the 2013 album ‘Whales and Leeches.’ “Human Herd” and “Malverde” originally appear on the 2011 album 'Murder the Mountains.'

The Band:

Bryan Giles - Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Beam - Bass/Vocals
David Sullivan - Guitar
John Sherman - Drums


Red Fang have had an incredible 12 months with their latest album 'Whales and Leeches'. It has been acclaimed by fans and critics alike as one of 2013 finest Stoner Metal/Hard Rock albums. I had the pleasure of interviewing the band on their recent UK Tour.

Red Fang have released a Free EP of 3 acoustic tracks recorded in 2014 at Team Rock Studios in London. Plus the guys have included the 3 original album tracks as well. Look it's a free EP by Red Fang. What more could you want. Headover to BandCamp and download this now.

It's still a great release even if there aren't any new tracks. It's still great to hear 3 Red Fang classic tracks played acoustically which they don't do very often. Enjoy!!!

Words by: Steve Howe
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