Sunday 27 July 2014

Weed Priest - Worship EP (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 1/8/2014
Label: HexenHaus

'Worship' track listing:


The Band:

Brother Adam - Guitars/Vocals,
Brother Ragas - Bass,
Brother S. Sullivan - Guitars,
Brother Adrian - Drums.


New EP "Worship" - spawned on the shores of the West of Ireland by stoner doom clerics Weed Priest: 3 songs channelled in secret locations on mystic dates trough the years 2010-2013, Weed Priest's tribute to the gods of doom!


We have been streaming the new Weed Priest song – Possessed – for about a week now. So how does the rest of the EP measure up to that epic great song. In my humble opinion – LOUD AND FUCKING HEAVY!!!

Opening track 'Ritual' opens with a dark creepy heavy riff drenched in Sabbathian Occult Rock overtones before the self proclaimed Doom Clerics pile on the misery to their drugged out congregation. The Doom/Stoner Metal riffs are there for everyone to be consumed by. As Brother Adam lays down heavy demonic vocals with the screeching violent riffs that comes crashing down around him. It's a powerful combination for a great style of Doom/Stoner Metal sound that will have you signing on the dotted line to sell your soul to Satan himself.

2nd track 'Killvlad' provides another heavy slab of doom and gloom misery to brighten up your miserable existence. Weed Priest turn the volume upto maximum levels that turns the atmosphere all Weedian with a slight hint of devil worshipping thrown in for good measure. This track is all about the riffs and Weed Priest deliver on all counts as this track showcases some of the EP's finest moments especially around the 4 minute mark.

Weed Priest leave the nastiest and heaviest track to last with 'Possessed' which we have been streaming all week. Brother Adam once again sounds like he is channelling a violent entity whose sole intent is to possess as many unfortunate souls as possible. It's a bleak track which stays firmly in the darkness while providing some epic riffs that will have Electric Wizard fans begging for more. The riffs are played at a low mean down-tempo level with layers of distorted fuzz giving this track a hard edged polish compared to the other earlier tracks.

Weed Priest have released a stunning EP with 'Worship'. Lets hope the next full length record is not too far away as these guys are going places in next few years or so.
Words by: Steve Howe
Thanks to Weed Priest for sending me a copy to review. Worship will be available to buy on CD via HexenHaus Records and DD on BandCamp from August 1st 2014.

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