Tuesday 29 July 2014

Fórn - The Departure Of Consciousness (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: July 22nd 2014
Label: Vendetta Records

The Departure Of Consciousness - track listing:

1.Emergence 04:30
2.Dweller on the Threshold 07:35
3.Gates of the Astral Plane 07:28
4.Alexithymia 06:05
5.Suffering in the Eternal Void 05:12
6.Cereberal Intermission 01:23


Formed in the winter of 2012, Fórn draws inspiration from its predecessors; Grief, Burning Witch and Asunder, while remaining true to natural progression. Blown low end, and gritty leads make Fórn one of the leading sludge bands currently in Boston. Their very first ritual was with highly regarded metal acts, Floor and Thrones (ex-Melvins) and were featured in a write-up Boston's weekly dig. Fórn toured the east coast in July 2013 with fellow Boston local's Finisher.

Band Members

Chris P. - Vocals
Joey - Guitar
Brandon - Guitar
Brian - Bass
Chris D. - Drums


Fórn is a Blackened Sludge/Funeral Doom Metal collective who I originally featured back in 2013 with their stunning debut EP. The guys told me after they were working on their debut full-length record and would be in touch once it was ready. Well true to their word, the guys are back with a vengeance with their bleak as heck debut album – The Departure Of Consciousness.

Fórn bring the HEAVY in a big way, as this album is a bleak atmospheric journey into the vastness of space. It can be very trippy at times with the band showing why they are highly thought of indeed. This is 33 minutes that crushes everything in it’s wake. Violent moods collide as Fórn unleash a barrage of heavy riffs that will leave you in a very dark mood indeed.

Opening track – Emergence – starts with a slow-paced ambient/post-rock vibe before Fórn unleash their identity to the world for one of the heaviest riffs I have heard this year. Shades of Neurosis and ISIS maybe present but it is the blackened sludge metal vibe that fully grabs your attention. My advice – From this point on. Get comfortable, as Fórn are ready to destroy your very existence as The Departure Of Consciousness acts as a portal to the depths of sell itself.

2nd track – Dweller On The Threshold – is your worst nightmares and fears come to life as Fórn bring an indescribable brutal force for you to witness. As the death based growls/vocals tell a chilling tale of what is lurking in the darkness.

Fórn play a highly intelligent mix of Death Metal, Blackened Sludge, Post-Rock, Doom and Psych Metal that has a slightly claustrophobic feel to it. The instrumental work is almost cold, calculated and unflinching as the vocals themselves. This is an album built on violent moods and despair. If you’re not in the mood to be taken to some very dark places I recommend you look elsewhere.

3rd track – Gates Of The Astral Plane – slowly build up the nightmarish atmospherics once more as Fórn venture between slow paced and fast-paced riffs that feels like a heavy pounding hammer coming to wake you up from your eternal slumber. It’s not going to be a pretty sight as the darkness briefly gives way to impressive hazy psychedelic riffs played with a distorted edge. Is that some delicate Post-Rock music that I detect? Yeah it is. But it doesn’t last for long as Fórn return to their bleak based riffs for more soul-destroying punishment.

Alexithymia and Suffering In The Eternal Void both have an icy cold as heck post rock exterior running through their veins. Though as before, nothing is, as it seems as Fórn unleash more destructive riffs and vocals to drown your soul with. By the time the last short track – Cerebral Intermission – has finished, you’re ready for a long rest, as this album has taken you on an exhilarating and punishing journey. Now am I feeling brave enough to experience it once more?

The Departure Of Consciousness is a startling and unflinching album that proves Fórn are an exciting band for the future indeed. Brilliant. End Of.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review. The Departure Of Consciousness is now available to buy on DD from BandCamp and Vinyl from VendettaRecords.

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Written by Steve Howe