Saturday 5 July 2014

ENNOEA - Dream Of The Endless - Exclusive Video Premiere

 Photo: Coming in August.....
The DEBUT album by Stoner/Psychadelic Death Metal band Ennoea.
Tracklisting to come soon!

I have been featuring this great band/solo project - Ennoea - the past few weeks or so. As their debut album - PROARKHE - is a brutal and crushing heavy experience which may surprise a few people considering when you realize it was all created by one talented individual - Samantha Michelle Smith.

Here is my review of Ennoea's debut album and the interview I carried out with Samantha as well.

With Samantha being the cool as hell person she actually is. She has given Sludgelord HQ an exclusive video premiere of one of the standout tracks - Dream Of The Endless - from PROARKHE

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