Friday 4 July 2014

Hush - Unexist (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 24/6/2014
Label: Self Released

HUSH – ‘Unexist’ CD/DD track listing:

1). Solus 07:42
2). Eater of all Things 05:53
3). We left like Birds 05:27
4). Infinite Recursion 04:48
5). Waves of Exultation 05:52
6). Rest/Nonexistence 10:28
7). Splendour 07:10

The Band:

J. Cozza |8 strings
J. Andrews | 7 Strings
C. Cure | Vocals
R. Strainer | Drums
C. Baird Buchanan | 5 Strings


Its a drab thunderstorm filled day here in Dayton,OH.  Luckily for me most of the music I review here is of the doom variety, and natures gloom is a perfect fit for todays pick, which is from upstate New York’s very own HUSH and their release ‘Unexist’

Doom and sludge is kind of in the middle of a growth spurt so to speak, with a ton of new artists immersing themselves within that grime and glow of cellars, prisons and forgotten places.  With every rebirth there is the dreaded “Multiplicity” effect, where in one copy is slightly worse than the previous.  But before you get all pissed at me, HUSH isn’t one of those copies.

‘Unexist’ is a brilliant sludge opus, sure there are hints of Neurosis, Isis and even Unearthly Trance, but those influences merely play a part of their sound and not much more.  ‘Solus’ kicks open the doors and takes you right along with it for the next 47 minutes.  The vocals stand out on this release; this is fury, irritation & asperity.  You take that flame then hit it with the massive wall of guitars & you have perfection.

‘Infinite Recursion’ is a stand out track that hits an ambience that is a hint of relief in the mood of the record as a whole, only to slam back in your face with sledgehammer force.  I would equate the record to free falling from a mountain while hitting every tree and rock on your way down. Just when you think you’ve hit the bottom where solace holds you in its nest, the limb breaks and your descent continues. No worries you will climb back up and take the beating over and over again as I have for the past week.

Hush’s ‘Unexist’ is a stellar doom release and any fan of the genre is missing a choice cut if they don’t grab this!

Words by: Stephen T. Barton

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