Wednesday 21 November 2012

SONANCE - Like Ghosts Review

LIKE GHOSTS cover art

Sonance is an Ambient/Sludge/Doom/Drone Metal Band from Bristol, UK

The members are:

Ben - guitar, screwdriver
Tom - vocals
Chino - bass
Jamie - drums
Will - guitar, dictaphone, vocals

Sonance are a band that have came out of nowhere to lay claim to the loudest and heaviest album of 2012. They are the type of band I love writing about and promoting on this blog as I haven't heard of them before. 

They have came out of nowhere and have re-written the rule book on everything HEAVY. Their new album - Like Ghosts is a 2 song and 43 minute monster of gigantic riffs, tones and atmospherics.

Sonance are already receiving praise across the Sludge Metal Blogsphere for their blend of hard-hitting music that transcends genres with apparent ease. In theory this shouldn't work but it fucking does big time.

Their blend of Ambient/Sludge/Doom/Drone Metal goes straight for the jugular and never lets go. You have the perfect blend of violent sludge riffs fighting against the doom/drone seedy underbelly of the albums existence.

The two tracks don't have the most creative of titles - Side A and Side B. But appearances can be deceiving. And they are on this mighty epic slab of greatness.

Side A features Sonance in their Sludge/Doom Mode with lashings of Black Metal vocals creeping in as well. This feels like Neurosis jamming with an ultra-violent Post-Rock band. The shifts in tone and atmosphere had my blood pumping from the word go. I fell in love with this track from the very first listen. It's quite rare for a debut album to do this to me. Especially within the first 10 mins. I was wondering how heavy can this album get. And believe me it gets extra heavy around the 15 minute mark.

This woke me up from my slumber and made me to start to notice Sonance extraordinary talent. The way they blend the genres and vocals into something that feels truly alive.

Imagine Wolves In The Throne Room at their most bleak and creative. Well Sonance are that and then some. This is a band that is announcing it's existence to the world. And we better take notice as Sonance will only come back bigger, louder and angrier than ever.

Side B is Sonance in full Doom/Drone Mode as the track starts with an eerie Ambient Driven score. As time progresses Sonance add extra layers of sounds to prepare you for the final battle of pure unwanted Sludge mayhem and destruction. Before that time arrives just immerse yourself into the quieter side of this amazing band. You have 14 minutes of the tracks epic 19 minute running time before the furious anger of Sonance kicks off once again. As your whole fragile world is blown wide open yet again. 

Sonance have the key to unlocking your worst nightmares and on this evidence I want more of them. Like Ghosts is an experience you all have to take once in your life. It ain't pretty but it's one of the best musical experiences I have taken in 2012.

Sonance have delivered an unflinching masterpiece of epic proportions. It's loud, nasty, violent and fucking amazing at the same time.

The production is fucking immense. You can hear every minute of Sonance demonic passion and riffs to perfection. I never wanted this album to end.

This is the perfect album for a Vinyl release and I hope the band do mange to get this released physically as I will be first in the queue. 

Ladies and Gentleman - A truly defining band have arrived and their name is - SONANCE

If you want a copy of this amazing album then head over to BandCamp right now as it's available on Pay Anything You Want. Believe me you can't pass this up. Just do it before the Buy Now Option disappears as it will soon enough.

Fucking Amazing. End Of.

Check This Brilliant Band Below: