Saturday 24 November 2012

Prehistoric Pigs - Wormhole Generator Album Review

Prehistoric Pigs is a Instrumental Stoner Rock Band from Udine, Italy

The members are:

Juri Tirelli - Guitar
Jacopo Tirelli - Bass
Mattia Piani - Drums

Instrumental  Rock is always a hard genre to pull off as you have to grab the audiences attention right away. As there is no vocalist you have to hit the ground running to prove to people your worth giving a damn about.

I have been a long-time fan of Instrumental Stoner Rock thanks to bands like Karma To Burn, Earthless, Monkey3 amongst many more.

Well we know have another brilliant Instrumental Rock Band to check out - Prehistoric Pigs which features two brothers and their cousin playing amazing Stoner Rock.

Prehistoric Pigs are a sublime Stoner Rock Band with a cool experimental vibe to stand out from the crowd. Taking influence from Jimi Hendrix, Kyuss, QOTSA and Sleep but adding their own take on the genre.

They have just released their excellent debut album - Wormhole Generator - 7 tracks and 55 minutes of superb Stoner Rock vibes.

Prehistoric Pigs hit the ground running with the excellent - Swirling Rings Of Saturn - An 5:53 minute of fast paced Stoner Rock with weird and wonderful noise effects showing you that your in for a wild ride. Fuzzy, loud and action packed guitar riffs show that this is a song with substance and dreamy Space Rock Atmospherics to match.

Up next is - XXI Century Riots - an almost 9 minute epic that showcases this bands homage to the legendary Desert Rock Scene but adding a fine Sludge Rock underbelly to proceedings. Things get loud rather quickly and the action never lets up. Even when they add hard-hitting audio sound-bites you know this album is going to be very special indeed.

The album throws many more surprises within it's 55 minute running time. Some more hard-hitting audio clips to unsettle you while listening to the brilliant music on display. They add a cool experimental vibe to their music especially on tracks like - Tafassaset - which shows you they are a forward thinking and creative rock band which is quite rare for an Instrumental Stoner Rock Band.

Every Stoner Rock album main selling point is the riffs plain and simple. It's just as well Wormhole Generator has it in abundance. But it's great to see a band like Prehistoric Pigs bringing something else to the table. Space Rock, Sludge Rock and haunting audio clips to take their music into an unsettling area at times but it's a journey worth taking.

Other outstanding tracks to check out are Interstellar Gunrunner, Primordial Magma and the amazing 12 minute epic - Electric Dunes which shows the band at their most creative. It features loud riffs with sublime Drone type based Ambient Rock blended with what has came before it. An unsettling vision of loneliness and sense of isolation which will make you think about the world around you.

A wonderful track that brings this amazing album to a close. Italy has a lot of excellent  Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal bands making their mark on the world - Ufomammut, Zippo and Lento. Give it a few years and if Prehistoric Pigs keep up this form they will be alongside them. As Wormhole Generator is a triumph on every level.

I loved every second of it and I thank the band for sending me out a copy of the album. The packaging is beautifully put together that features some awesome illustrations to look at as well.

Anyway this is another great Stoner Rock Band to check out now. Wormhole Generator is a masterclass of Instrumental Stoner Rock. Awesome.

You can buy Wormhole Generator from here. Digital Copies will be sold very soon.

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