Thursday 8 November 2012

Sunswitch - S/T Album Review

Sunswitch is an Instrumental Stoner/Sludge/Drone Metal Band from Trondheim, Norway

The members are:

Kristoffer Lo - tuba
Trond Frønes - bass
Tomas Järmyr - trommer

Sunswitch are a superb Instrumental Sludge Metal Band blending elements of Stoner and Drone Metal to their overall sound and style of music. Taking influence from Neurosis, Sleep, Sunn 0)), Earth and Pelican. Sunswitch are an Instrumental Sludge Metal Band that is impossible to ignore.

This hugely talented 3 piece are one of the most original and intense instrumental bands I have heard this year. They are loud from the word go and play epic distorted riffs that will shake your fragile little world to the core.

Their S/T debut album is more of an experience than an album. An audio assault on the senses you all need to take once in your life. The 4 songs run for a blistering 50 mins or so. 3 of the songs run around 13 mins to 16 mins in length.

So buckle up as things get loud and very distorted from the word go. This is a band with lots to say but do it through the power of the riff and it does speak volumes. As Sunswitch is a true force of nature. The atmospherics are simply stunning and one that will have you wonder with awe into what you are actually listening to.

First track – Demonology is a 13-minute masterclass of distorted Sludge Metal, which shows what this great band is all about. Sunswitch crank up the tension and atmosphere before they unleash the heavy pummelling riffs to destroy everything in their wake.

The album has a low down tempo dirty vibe to it especially with the distorted feedback blended with the sublime riffs. It might not be your most traditional instrumental Sludge metal ala Pelican or Russian Circles but what sets them apart is the Drone Rock Atmosphere they blend in all the way through the epic 50-minute running time.

Up next is the best song on the album is the 15:53 minute epic – Another Avenue – which actually does take this album into Another Avenue altogether. Blending Sludge, Stoner, Post-Rock, Ambient and Drone into a wild ride that will last long into the memory. This song is what gives this album its special edge and one that takes this album into dare I say Classic Album territory.

Just wait until the 5th minute before this song comes to life in a truly special way. It is a heavy blast of top-notch riffs from a band that will have you begging for more. The 16 mins just flies by and highlights what a great band Sunswitch actually are.

The remaining two tracks Concorde and Imaginary Skull follow the same template as the other two tracks. However, they do add an excellent creepy atmosphere to proceedings that should have the listener hooked from start to finish.

Concorde is a 4:18 minute track that gets straight to the point in laying down the heavy riffs. Imagine if Pelican were jamming with Sunn0))) then it should give you what a feel on what this track is all about.

Last but by no means least is the 14:15 minute epic – Imaginary Friend. The track takes everything that has come before it and takes it to another level. More insane distorted riffs slowly taking their time before all heck breaks loose. When it does just take my advice, hold on as you are in for a wild ride. They even manage to include a Tuba on this song. That is how insane things become. Amazing.

Sunswitch have delivered a masterclass of Experimental Instrumental Sludge Metal that I hope gets them as much exposure as possible.

The album is expertly produced and performed by all involved. It is to Sunswitch credit and talent they have managed to get Producer Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna fame. Therefore, if he says they are good then that is fine by me.

I applaud Sunswitch for doing something different in the realm of Instrumental Sludge Metal and succeeding on every level. This album is a true original. And one I urge you all check out now.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

The album will be out to buy on Riot Factory/EMI on November 16th 2012, on double vinyl and as a digital release.

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