Thursday 8 November 2012

HOGSLAYER - Band To Check Out

Demo 2012 cover art

Hogslayer are a sludge quintet based in the UK.

The members are:

Throat: Lord Bastard
Axe: Neal Anderthal
Axe: Damek Ômsk
Thunder: Otto Kraal
Boom Boom: Max Von Beek

Hogslayer are a sludge quintet based in the UK. They formed in 2012 and feature members of British metalcore forerunners Shaped By Fate and sludge/doom instrumentalists Zonderhoof.

Now a band that features members from one of my fave UK Sludge Metal acts then I have to take notice. ZONDERHOOF are a brilliant bruising band fusing elements of Sludge, Stoner and Doom Metal.

I featured them last year when I reviewed their excellent album HAKKEN back in Sept 2011. So they have now formed another band but this time with vocals attached. - HOGSLAYER

Well the results while a little on the rough side. They are still as powerful as Zonderhoof. From the sounds of this it feels like Hogslayer will be very cool band indeed.

Hard-hitting vocals with the awesome power of the mighty Zonderhoof behind them. This is a band I want to hear more of. And no doubt we will in the months to come.

Check out the excellent 3 tracks on show on BandCamp to get a feel of them. Especially the 5:36 minute excellent track - All Roads Lead To Bastard.

Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Check This Great Band Below: