Saturday 17 November 2012

RED APOLLO - Marche Funèbre Review

Marche Funèbre cover art

Red Apollo is a Post-Hardcore/Atmospheric Sludge Metal Band from Dortmund, Germany

The members are:

Björn - Guitar
Matthes - Vocals
David - Guitar
Christoph - Bass
Sascha - Drums

Red Apollo are a band that mix Post-Hardcore sensibilities with the fury and anger of a top-notch Sludge Metal Band. They are a band who have a lot to say to match the passion and anger on their outstanding debut album - Marche Funèbre - A 6 song and 30 minute ride of Post-Hardcore riffage that will leave you emotionally drained and begging for more.

First track - SIOPE - is a 2:38 minute opener to show you what to expect from these talented rockers. Red Apollo lay down the groundwork early on. It's loud, heavy and passionate from the start. Matthes hardcore based like vocals are the main driving force of this album amongst the frenzied riffage on show. 

Matthes vocals feels like the whole world has gone crazy and his voice is the lone survivor making a stand against all the chaos that is going on.

Up next is - The Vow - A 6:34 minute track that shows the full power of what this band is all about. Frantic and highly passionate riffage to show the world how pissed off they actually are. The blend of Post-Hardcore and Atmospheric Sludge is a thunderous and volatile marriage that is both beautifully creative and pure destructive fury running through it's veins. You know that something heavy is coming amongst the quieter parts. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

3rd Track - Black Feathered is another storming 5 minute plus track showing the true creative side of Red Apollo's music. This is where the album takes a spooky occult vibe by adding a sublime audio clip that sets the eerie tone early on. Another outstanding track where Red Apollo are blending Occult Ambient tones with their unsettling blend of Post-Hardcore/Atmospheric Sludge Riffs. It might take time to get going but when it does then your in for another unexpected ride of thrills and spills.

And that's how the album remains the same for the last 3 tracks. It never becomes boring for one second. In some instances the music becomes heavier and more creative especially on Haxanhammer an the brilliant 7:11 minute track - A Sea Of Trees.

Marche Funèbre showcases the beginnings of another amazing band to look out for from our German Sludge Brothers In Arms.

Red Apollo are hugely talented musicians who prove their ambition and worth time and time again. Marche Funèbre is the perfect showcase for this hard-hitting band. It has the right blend of riffs and emotions to set them apart amongst the Post-Hardcore elite.

The album is expertly produced and is one that should find a loyal fanbase amongst the Sludge/Post-Hardcore scene.

Red Apollo are a band I will definitely be keeping an eye on as they have a lot to say and do it in a wholly original way. So do yourself a favour and buy this excellent album now.

Marche Funèbre is available to buy Digitally now on BandCamp on Alerta Antifascista Records, The Vinyl Release will be available to buy early Dec 2012 on

Highly Recommended.

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