Friday 30 November 2012

Nuclear Death Terror - Chaos Reigns (Album Review)

Formed in 2003, Nuclear Death Terror is a Death | Crust quintet from Denmark.

Their line-up consists of:

Christina -  Guitar
Cormac - Guitar, vocals
Adam - Vocals
Tim -  Drums
Jæppe - Bass


1. Crisis - 3:06
2. Collapse - 3:18
3. Descent - 2:36
4. Abyss - 3:21
5. Total Annihlation - 2:11
6. Mindchain - 2:33
7. Devolve To Submission - 2:38
8. World Enslaved - 2:21
9. Chaotic Alliance - 2:22
10. The Darkest Age - 2:30
11. Morbid Tales (Celtic Frost cover) - 2:58

Total playing time: 29:54


Hailing from Denmark, Nuclear Death Terror have created a perfect mix of anarcho-crust and death metal since 2003.  This 5-piece aren't doing anything to break any new grounds or raise the bar, but they are perfectly comfortable doing what they do, and doing it very well I might add.  They wear their influences like Bolt Thrower and Discharge proudly on their sleeves and that's not such a bad thing. The band is closely tied with Ungdomshuset (the youth house) in Copenhagen, Denmark,


Yet another well recieved release of 2012 on my favorites list with Nuclear Death Terror's latest effort. I, once again, take great pleasure in presenting to you this outstanding compilation.

 'Chaos Reigns' isn't a full release of new material.  It is a compilation of songs that were previously only available on vinyl. The production on this release is pretty remarkable.  The instruments are loud, sharp, and crisp.  My only complaint is the guitars can be somewhat low during certain sections of songs, kind of hiding those blistering riffs that are constantly crushing you song after song.  The vocals and drums tend to drown out the guitar work, but it's a small complaint.  Everything can still be heard quite well, but I wish the guitar work was brought more into the limelight.

That being said, the musicianship on this compilation is pretty top notch.  It's not revolutionary and there is nothing wrong with that.  The sound produced from this 5-piece is solid.  The drum work is top notch. The fills that Tim are able to pull off really stand out and are a signature staple in the sound of this band.  The riffs on 'Chaos Reigns' are sometimes mindblowing. Punishing riff after punishing riff rains down on your ears for 30 straight minutes.  When they ease up a bit and you finally feel like you're gonna be able to catch your breath, they bust into a solo that adds an even more crushing aspect to the atmosphere of these songs.  The riffs alone make this a release you should promptly check out.

'Chaos Reigns' is a highly enjoyable release from Nuclear Death Terror.  It is a great starting point if you are wanting to check out the band.  It isn't gonna change the face of music as we know it, but it is a highly enjoyable listen.  Overall, I would recommend this album to someone who is a fan of this style.  The way NDT subtly fuse crust, grind, death, D-beat, and hardcore  is truly inspiring, as they do so with flawless delivery.  If you are a fan of this genre or riffs in general, then put acquiring this album on your To-Do list.

Below is a killer song from the release which captures the essence of what NDT is all about. 'Chaos Reigns' can be purchased via Southern Lord. Get those asses in gear and show these Danes some love. Thanks for your cooperation.

Nuclear Death Terror - Collapse (2012)

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