Saturday 24 November 2012

Obsidian Kingdom

Mantiis cover art

Obsidian Kingdom is a Post-Metal Band from Barcelona, Spain

Rider G Omega – Guitars and vocals
Prozoid Zeta JSI – Guitars
Zer0 Æmeour Íggdrasil – Keys and vocals
Fleast Race O’Uden – Bass
Ojete Mordaza II – Drums

Obsidian Kingdom is a Post-Metal band that blends Prog-Rock, Black-Metal, Post-Rock to portray a band that a very hard to describe as they mix a whole range of genres to stand out from the crowd.

But believe me this is an album that will leave you astounded from what you hear from their excellent debut album - Mantiis - A 14 song and 45 minute blast of post-metal brilliance.

I will let the band tell you more about their music.

"The most ambitious project of the band until the present date; Obsidian Kingdom’s debut fully displays its components’ maturity in music writing and performing, meaning a bizarre step outside the boundaries of extreme music.

Taking part in the long-lived tradition of rock operas – from David Bowie to King Diamond –, “Mantiis” embarks the listener in an eerie musical trip, noted for the coherent exploration of a wide range of styles and emotions. The band spares no sound resources in order to portray the most varied scenes; from quiet despair to utter violence.

MANTIIS, a conceptual rock opera that flows through different genres. It has been mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Katatonia) and its artwork has been looked after by Ritxi Ostáriz (Ihsahn, Ulver) and Elena Gallen (Kulte, VICE)."

Mantiis is an album that will leave you breathless. Most of the tracks might only 3 to 4 mins in length but the amount of style and creativity these tracks have just have a major wow factor behind them. All of the tracks been beautifully put together. How the fuck the band got all the different styles of music into one song I never know. This is really an album you need to hear right now.

Check out tracks top-notch tracks such as - Through The Glass, Cinnamon Balls, Answers Revealing, Last Of The Light, And Then It Was.

Look this is another brilliant album and band you all need to check out. This album will leave you emotionally drained. It's an album of startling vision that I can't recommend highly enough.

It's brilliantly produced and played by all involved. This is an album that needs multiple listens to get the full effect. So headover to BandCamp and download this amazing album for free right now!!!

You won't regret it. A fucking amazing album. End Of.

Check This Great Band Below: