Saturday 17 November 2012



Mountain Goat are a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Grand Rapids, MI, USA

The members are:

Monte Davis - Feedbacker
Keith Ortiz - Floorshaker
Derek Kasperlik - Evil Stack

Mountain Goat are a brilliantly brutal fast-paced Sludge/Stoner Metal band influenced by many of the great bands past and present.

They have released some excellent releases already in the past 2 years or so. But these heavy demonic Sludge Rockers are back with their heaviest and best offering to date- Their S/T album is pulsating collection of Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal tracks that will take your breath away.

From the opening seconds of Sunnriders you know your in for a brilliant wild ride. The riffs come thick and fast that it's hard to keep up at times.

Behind The Green Door and Swamp keep up the frantic pace of Sunnriders to prove these guys have some serious talent to show to the world.

This is a band you will instantly fall in love with. The demonic based vocals are matched brilliantly against the down-tuned hard hitting riffs on show.

The albums standout track is the excellent 15 minute track - Space - which harnesses the aggression of legendary bands such as Sleep and High On Fire but still feels wholly original.

Just a fucking brilliant track to play over and over again. Awesome. It's hard to believe this album was recorded in 8 hours on one day. WOW - These guys seriously do have some talent to do something like this.

Now here is the situation the band is in. They are charging $7 on BandCamp to download this brilliant album. This is to pay for this record to be released on Vinyl. And boy it needs to released on Vinyl. Probably the best way to here this album. So if your feeling generous help these dudes out.

But they have kindly provided a Mediafire link as well for you to download it on their BandCamp Page.

The choice is upto you.

Highly Recommended.

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