Thursday 8 November 2012

LILIUM - Black Dear Album Review

SOLITUDE cover art

Lilium is a Post-Hardcore/Post Metal Band from Genova, Italy.

The members are:


Lilium are an excellent Post Hardcore/Post-Metal band fusing Post-Rock and Ambient Sounds to great effect. They might not be the most original bands from the genre but that does not stop them being one of the most hard-hitting and inventive at times.

Especially on their excellent and emotionally charged debut album – Black Dear – An 8 song and 39 minute opus that highlights this band’s talent for writing top-notch tunes to stir the soul to. If you are into the usual big hitters of Post-Metal but with a dark post-hardcore edge then Lilium are the band for you.

They written intelligent lyrics matched with hard-hitting Post-Metal riffs that will have you hooked in no time at all. Lilium are a band with a lot to say. Therefore, you need to give this album a listen a few times to get the full effect.

The band has gone through a few line-up changes but consider this debut a new start and a defining moment in their existence. You can as well as the first track – Solitude – instantly hits you where it counts. Straight for the jugular and it does not let go until the 4 mins are up.

It has quite an emotional kick to it that gives this album a real emotional vibe and something that just instantly connects you to their music for the whole running time.

Up next is the majestic – Hail Stone – A 6:15-minute epic that is full of blistering vocals and brutal riffs to match. Lilium add soothing Ambient/Post-Rock vibes to proceedings before unleashing the primal fury and destructive nature of a Post-Metal band at the top of their game.

Other great songs to check out are: Idle Idol, Paria and Caris. All showing what has came before it and adding more layers of heavy and loud brilliant Post-Metal riffage.

The track where the band earns their stripes is the amazing 7:29 minute epic – Oak Tree. This is a haunting near perfect blend of quiet calm moments mixed with the loud and heavy aggression of what Post-Metal is known for. Lilium at their most creative on this song as they blending Post-Rock. Ambient Noises and Post-Metal to truly hypnotic effect.

Lilium have delivered a truly outstanding album, which I cannot get enough of. And one that displays why Italy have some of the best Sludge/Post-Metal Bands around at this moment in time.

The album is expertly played and produced by all involved. A wonderful experience that I cant recommend highly enough.

Highly Recommended.

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