Thursday 8 November 2012

Wizardrone - New Releases

Wizardrone is a One Man One-man doom / psychedelic metal project formed in 2009 influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Saint Vitus, Sleep, Acid King, Yob, Sons Of Otis.

And it's the work of insane talented virtuoso - Jason Wright. Who I originally featured back in April 2012 when I featured his other project - God's Speed. Plus I did an interview with him a few weeks later.

Jason did tell me then he was working on new Wizardrone material which I was pretty excited about as I am big fan of Jason's work. Well true to his word, this one-man doom machine is back with not one but two new releases.

The Last Coming - professional re-recording of the previously recorded "Third Coming" album with two bonus tracks.

The Last Coming cover art

The New Order Of Chaos - The seventh album and professional recording of new material plus two bonus tracks.

The New Order Of Chaos cover art

Now both albums clock around 59 mins or so. And are both brilliant releases to show what Jason can do. Writing sublime Doom Metal blended with amazing Down-Tempo Psychedelic Sludge Metal thrown in for excellent measure.

Jason has excelled himself here. His music sounds more harsher and louder than ever before. The New Order Of Chaos is his best work yet. While The Last Coming is a superb re-issue of his earlier work.

If your already a fan of Jason's work then your going to love this. If not then you need to check out both albums now. As you can download them both for the low price of $5 for a limited time.

Check out Standout Tracks - Between The Realm Of Darkness And The Existence Of Light, The Wrath Of The Forsaken One and Chapter 4: Tides Of Doom.

There are a lot of one man Doom/Sludge Metal Artists currently around but Jason is probably one of the best ones along side Cloudkicker and Deterior.

So do you yourself a favour. If you want a nightmare ride of Doom Based Down-Tuned Sludge Riffs which haunt you for eternity well check out Wizardrone. You won't be sorry. Brilliant.

Check This Great Artist Below: